Should Venus cut pool emissions totally?

Hello, Venus CEO Brad shared an interesting thought on Twitter to end Venus emissions thus disincentivizing supply/borrow markets but with the goal to support XVS price action.

I think it’s worth more discussion, so hope we can do that here?

My thought is the Prime Boost staking for 90 days is asking too much for new money to be attracted. Without supplemented yield from XVS rewards, Venus rates can’t remain competitive. I understand XVS holders don’t like negative price action, but there are other alternatives.

For example, one approach could be to lend the treasury, so it earns XVS and add this XVS to the staking vault. Then, consider adjusting emissions to specific pools in a more heavily weighted manner for current market times. The pools Venus considers most valuable could be cranked up to increase incentive for new money and less valuable pools turned down or shut off.

Should Venus cut pool emissions totally?
Let us know what you think :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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Venus doesnt have a plan. That’s the problem.
One week its lets do 30% emmisions, the next is let’s cut all emissions.

They hire a marketing company against a lot of peoples wishes in a bear market and then fire them a month or two later.

They are spending money that they don’t have on things they can’t afford.

The mods have banned everyone who has an alternative opinion that goes against the team narrative, so its just a bunch of yes men agreeing and hoping all day. That’s not going to get anything done.

Venus needs someone with experience and a vision to lead the project, or some guy who’s on Twitter fishing for ideas and commenting on random posts that have nothing to do with Venus.

What ever happened to paying down the debt? In 20 months there has been zero plan to do that.

The reason people are selling xvs isn’t because of emission. Its because the protocol is a disaster right now. The mods and holders need to look in the mirror and be honest with themselves. It went from a 1.5 billion market cap to sub 50m and I could bet you most of that is binances money.

Maybe consider hiring someone with serious defi experience to lead this project out of the depths.


It’s great to hear a second opinion.

We’ll see how things proceed in time.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Agreed most of the times…

Not on the “all opposing voices were banned” part, but with all the rest.

The opposing voices are just staying silent, because over time they have realized its not worth the time and effort, because the “yes men agreeing all day” just don’t care for alternative views…

So please cut pool emissions totally and see where that leads to…

In the linked video Roger Skaer explains pretty good what I think will happen.
(And the idea of cutting the emissions totally is a clear 11 on the scale of 10, just in case you are wondering)

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They banned everyone who spoke out. So generally yes.

They don’t want to do anything right now because there’s no money coming into the space. Why not let it bleed so binance can buy more at a lower price?

In theory the program only offers a high apy for holding the coin, nothing more. You can fully interact with the platform and never touch xvs.

I dont see a reason to buy. The whole prime token IMO is an experiment which will probably suck more out of the platform than it will provide.

Prove me wrong though. It seems like 20% apy equals significant sell side pressure for a coin nobody is holding. The only hope for holders is that binance really wants this to work and once their bags are filled they will pump it. But that’s considering a 65m dollar hole that also needs to be filled. Its going to be a long road.

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I’m wondering. Why does Venus get to stake their own tokens. That doesnt seem very fair. Their tokens should be locked and notnstakeable. Especially the free ones from the airdrop and the free 900k tokens.

I cant see any new investors a while this happens…