Rogue Admins on the Telegram Groups

It is with great concern that people are being banned from the official groups on Telegram for merely raising their concerns with regards to some issues regarding the protocol. The Telegram groups have turned into Pump and Dump sounding groups where you are only allowed to talk positively about the token and if you actually discuss anything that might need to be looked at then you get banned. Most also get banned from the so-called “appeal ban” group.

Specifically, the admins in question here are:


For the sake of the Telegram groups I please request that the main team have a talk to these admins and that a review gets done on people banned from the Telegram group. It definitely doesn’t instil confidence in the token and project if people with legitimate and well intentioned questions gets banned.


Yes, that’s how it is.

Tonight , I’m ban of venus protocol because I was talking about the management of the XVS loan and more without warning

You must be high, I have never banned anyone for raising any legit concerns with the protocol. In fact, I was de-adminned from the main group myself for raising concerns.

The irony is that the ‘main team’ you are referring to are the ones who are less tolerant in the TG groups.

Hi Demeisen,
First I warned the man, told him to go to Banappeals group
I banned the guy because he insulted Ron, insulting Ron for kicking him out of the Price Group.
If someone insults you too, I’ll ban him
Then you kept writing to the man " Dm me details"
I warned you but you wrote constantly, “why do you delete my messages” why why ??
I was going to write " This is not a gossip room "but I typed it wrong
and now you’re just posting this Screen Shot and complaining…
Main room rules are different, childish movements are not allowed. Sorry.

I did not ban anyone unjustly, nor did i see my friends who ban wrongly.

You can go and make your objection too

Venus official & price telegram chat group admin has become notorious in banning people who asked constructive questions that is slightly negative for venus even though it is true and factual.

So please join our Venus Open Discussion Telegram: Join Group Chat

The purpose of this new group is to allow people to freely/openly discuss about Venus project & price, whether positive or negative, so long it is true, not rude and not intentionally creating FUD, you won’t be banned like what Venus official and price chat group admin did. Please help to invite relevant members that wants a freer discussion in.

I was banned from the group without explanation just because I asked this below :

Can someone verify? yesterday there was a discussion about the venus team was not that active recently on developments, there was very little update or commit on the code on Feb in github, then none at all for March. Is the venus team really not active anymore or taking a break or ? See it here Contributors to VenusProtocol/venus-protocol · GitHub

i got banned for helping a guy recover his vXVS that he sent to binance by mistake.

no brainer.


I think those bans are a rela pain in telegram groups IN GENERAL. They happen much too fast in many groups, with no second chance. When you invest in a project and get banned because some admin thinks you are fudding because he is tired and doesn’t know your intent, and are cut off the mainstream community because of that, you don’t want to be part of the project anymore. The only people that should be banned without hesitation are scammers. All others should have multiple second chances so communication IMPROVES BOTH SIDES. Bans should have a threshold (I think we say like that in English ?), starting with 10 mins ban, then getting longer, maybe :

  • scammers : permanent ban
  • very obvious bad behaviours like insulting, racism, hate, etc : long bans, jumping directly to X days according to gravity.
    Others :
  • 10 mins
  • 20 mins
  • 45 mins
  • 2 hrs
  • 6 hrs
  • 12 hrs
  • 24 hrs
  • 3 days
  • 6 days
  • 15
  • etc

Those are just examples, I have no idea how and if it can be integrated in telegram software.

You have to leave time to people to adapt to a community. Many are young and don’t know how to behave anonymously. Same for some of the mods, who I guess never managed a team in a company before, or aren’t professional teachers either.

You could also add warnings, likle a red flag, and not being banned without any notice, as it can be quite shocking to be exclused with no explanation and then, it’s over, like death itself. In real life, things happening like that are what happens in dictatureships. You post on whatsapp something negative about a king or military power thinking it’s rather mild, and the next day some guys in black show at your doorstep and your life is over. In a democracy you have specific laws and information on whats legal or not, and a clear level of punishment for every kind and level of infractions, and you also go through a trial, which could translate into different types of CLEAR warnings on a telegram group, and a chance for the person to DEFEND itself.

Of course, it’s easier to just ban, because it’s less, far less work for moderators. But I don’t think people being in crypto are lazy and lack ideology. I think it’s the contrary. Building a decentralized system on FAIR values needs hardwork, the same hard work as trying to create a perfect society. If its too much for a mod to inform, educate, share, communicate and accept the variety of personnalities, if he perfers unscaled and definitive bans, then he is not made to ba a mod.

Everything I said also goes for people participating on telegram groups, who have to learn to moderate their language, and express their opinions as if there are sharing them with members of a family, not strangers and enemies…

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Banned because i posted a pertinent screenshot from the Pancake “to-do list” into Xvs price channel. Banned from main channel because once i said “Vip12 is like the winter in GOT”. Banned from Sxp unban-me support channel because my bans are right and justified

i got banned from every VENUS and SWIPE telegram groups for helping a guy that send by mistake his vXVS to binance.

i coulnd’t get an appeal because they ban me too from there.

I don’t understand why i got banned.

@StavrozListerNw (twitter and telegram)