Repay, collect rewards, un collateralize XvS

Hoping someone can help me with some issue that I am having with the app. I have been staking my xvs since the air drop collection rewards from the vote section and sometimes minting vai to stake as well. Recently none of the buttons are working. It does not let me repay my vai balance even though i have more then enough to repay my minted/borrowed balance. It also will not collect the rewards i earned for supplying xvs or un collateralize it. At the same time the dollar value always updates and the xvs earned ready to collect continues to grow. It seems all the buttons are broken or frozen. When i click collect, repay, or uncollateralized a small loading circle flashes but no metamask transaction ever comes. Please help. is everyone frozen like this or just me?

There are two apps you can use.

Maybe try using a different browser. All transactions have been working for me.

your a beauty thanks, I switched to and its working again

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