Proposal: XVS Token Pressure Mitigation and Introducing an Additional Use Case for Token Holders to Secure Stable Income

Hi Venus Protocol team,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carrot, Business development manager at Noahswap. We’re reaching out for a possible collaboration.

Noahswap is a crypto asset restructuring protocol

There will be no listing fee for selected early adopters (you). Activities like AMA, Airdrops, USDT Giveaways, Contests, Live Training etc. are included for you at no cost also. As of last month’s launch, we’ve onboarded 150+ projects.

Token holders will use XVS + USDT to mint NUSD,thats how the asset restructuring woks.
Earning will be in the form of NUSD and it’s vested everyday(The maximum APY can be up to 3x)

Here is an overview of our potential partnership
Noahswap deliverables (when applicable)

1.Token Launch

Your token will be listed on the Noahswap platform, where users can find it in the minting list3

2.Minting Activities

To attract the enthusiasm of token holders, we will launch an exclusive token-minting promotional campaign for your listed tokens.

  1. Community Activities

To develop an active community, we create platforms (Telegram, Discord) where professional guidance and informative materials will be provided. Noahswap also offers fun community campaigns like invite & Win and Airdrops.

  1. Social Media Activities

We publish token listing announcements and minting information through social media platforms (Twitter Medium and more).


AMA (Ask Me Anything) can be conducted on Telegram or Twitter Space, depending on the project’s preference. We will adjust the schedule and rewards for participating in the AMA.

6.KOL Promotion

Noahswap will provide efficient promotional services, covering paid media publicity and KOL. Promotion

Through these professional promotion methods, we will comprehensively enhance your brand exposure

  1. Community Engagement

Noahswap’s customer service team will actively participate in the project’s community, providing professional customer support to users and guiding them to a deeper understanding and participation in the project through precise conversion guidance.

website: Noahswap
deck: Dropbox - 230927 Noah BD Deck-en.pdf - Simplify your life

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