Proposal: XVS Emission Reduction #3


DeFi lending protocols have continuously employed rewards in the form of token emissions to boost supply and borrow APYs. The intention behind such an approach is to increase user demand. However, as observed, high emission rates can lead to an increase in the protocol’s token circulating supply, which can lead to negative effects on market price and sustainability.

With the upcoming launch of the Venus Prime program and current market trends, this proposal aims to further reduce XVS emissions on Venus Core markets by 75% as the new organic reward system for this program will help offset the effects. The goal is to keep reducing token inflation and with it, support protocol growth and reinvestment.

Venus Prime Program Overview:

Venus Prime stands as a strategic shift in the Venus Protocol’s reward mechanism. Diverging from the traditional token emission method, Venus Prime is engineered to distribute a portion of the protocol’s revenues to users. This organic reward system is expected to drive user engagement and loyalty, while simultaneously reducing dependency on regular emissions which can contribute to token inflation and associated market pressures.

Mitigating Impact of Emission Reduction with Venus Prime:

Organic Rewards: By channeling protocol revenues towards user rewards, Venus Prime eliminates the need for frequent token emissions, thus reducing the inflationary pressures on the XVS token.

Incentivizing Long-Term Engagement: With Venus Prime, users are not just rewarded for mere participation but for their loyalty and consistent engagement with the protocol. This ensures that while emissions are cut, user retention and attraction remain high.

Sustainability: The shift towards revenue-based rewards ensures that the Venus Protocol remains financially robust, aligning the interests of users with the protocol’s long-term viability.


The Venus Prime program offers a sustainable and innovative solution to the challenges posed by regular token emissions. By harnessing the protocol’s own revenues for user rewards and fostering an environment of long-term engagement, Venus Prime ensures that the proposed emission reductions not only maintain but enhance the protocol’s market position and user appeal.


Yes! Let’s do it! I hope that there will be no more XVS emission on BNB Chain soon.

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100% agree, Dev please make it done. Xvs tobe top 10 CMC.

Are we reducing emission on BNBChain and spreading it over to those other chains to draw in more users :thinking:

This is a useless exercise in my eyes. The emission has been dropped a couple of times and where are we now. We are trying to drive the price of XVS with these artificial scarcity strategies and it will not work. This is Crypto and blockchain and it does not work with traditional economics because it has extraneous factors it has to deal with, like Protocol debt, limited blockchain interoperability and unimpressive Supply APR for Core Assets (less than 0.3% at times. What is Organic rewards? Is it in XVS or the Original asset tokens. It’s not enough to float proposals that do not have clear executions. We have been on trial and error for a while. And if we have run out of ideas, let us keep the status quo and hope that when the market turns over XVS will move up.

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very good proposal. We don’t even have a single piece of xvs to throw into the air.
let s do it very fast please

It’s a good offer, I hope it comes into effect as soon as possible, we have no time to waste.