[Proposal] Venus Protocol Documentation Spanish Translation

Proposal: Venus Documentation Spanish Translation

Translator: socopower

Funding Request: 2500 USD (Paid in USDC, VAI or XVS)

Payment structure: 20% to start // 80% at the end of the job.

Start Date: Immediately

Estimated end Date: ≈4 weeks


Why do I raise this proposal?

Being the best Lending and Borrowing protocol that there is currently in BNB Chain, I think that providing accessibility is something crucial, Spanish is one of the most important languages and having documentation adapted to it is something very useful.

Also, with the BNB Chain being more present every day in LATAM, this could bring more interest among Spanish-speaking people to the Venus Protocol and they will feel much more comfortable seeing a page adapted to their language (Spanish).

Objectives of this proposal:

  • Provide a clear and accurate translation into Spanish for the entire Venus Protocol documentation.

  • Achieve more accessibility for Venus Protocol.

  • Makes Spanish speakers feel comfortable when wanting to consult the Venus Protocol documentation.

Version and Documents/Chapters involved

This project is focused on v4 of the Venus Protocol documentation, which covers the following titles:

  • Getting Started
  • What’s new?
  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Tokens
  • Guides
  • Technical Reference
  • Deployed Contracts
  • Links

How would the proposal be executed if approved?

I can provide you with the translation of each section, in a well-structured and precise way in a publication on HackMD.io (It is a page that allows you to work with markdown texts)

This would be a view of what would entail if this proposal were approved:

About me:

I generally really like writing about web3/DeFi/Blockchain/Crypto. Apart from that, I have also contributed to translating certain Ethereum documentation into Spanish (I did this through a Translatathon that they held), in said event I was able to translate approximately 10k words.

You can corroborate my contribution here:

Ethereum.org Translatathon Recap | Ethereum Foundation Blog (They name my Crowdin profile [socopower] at the end of the post)


Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/dserrano01

Telegram: t.me/socopower

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We have a repo with the documentation that publishes to gitbook so I would not accept the workflow proposed - there is even a guide for translating automatically using our setup -


Hey Danny, thanks for sharing your opinion.

I mentioned the workflow that I described above because not all projects have their documentation on Github, so that’s why I use HackMD (My mistake not checking the Venus repository before presenting), if Venus had its documentation the workflow would be more soft because I would make a Fork and then a PR with all the translated files.

I understand that there are Software and ML models to execute translations, but in my opinion they can be vague or not very precise translations, my native language is Spanish, therefore the final result will be very accurate.

Agree, let’s touch base in a couple weeks after we have updated the documentation to its latest version. We need to deploy on a couple more blockchains first :wink:



okay, great… I’ll keep an eye on this.