Proposal to Resume and Adjust XVS Emissions on Venus ETH Mainnet


After the successful passing of the snapshot vote to modfiy the XVS emissions on Ethereum, this proposal seeks to adjust the XVS emissions once again, to 933 XVS/day across all market emissions on the Ethereum Mainnet.

  • Update the distribution speeds for the different markets on these contracts.


Monthly XVS Emission Changes:

Core Pool:

  • WETH: 844 XVS/month
  • WBTC: 2,531 XVS/month
  • USDT: 2,531 XVS/month
  • USDC: 2,531 XVS/month
  • crvUSD: 1,125 XVS/month
  • FRAX: 450 XVS/month
  • sFRAX: 450 XVS/month
  • TUSD: 150 XVS/month
  • DAI: 375 XVS/month

Curve Pool:

  • CRV: 281 XVS/month
  • crvUSD: 281 XVS/month

LST Pool:

  • wstETH: 2,700 XVS/month
  • WETH: 13,750 XVS/month

Finally!!! Hope to pass this VIP soon, for not lose TVL on Ethereum chain!

better way to increase the liquidty at eth mainnet. i hope they dont sell their xvs and hold at vault

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Let’s resume the XVS emissions on ETH network to increase the liquidity/TVL. :fire: :grinning:

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