Proposal: Offer COMP Support - Siphon that $$$ into Venus like PancakeSwap just did!

Inspired by PancakeSwap’s recent addition of COMP to their staking and liquidity pools, I propose that we offer support for COMP as well. There is a lot of $ tied up in COMP. We can incentivize users to pull that value over to Venus and enjoy the MUCH CHEAPER transcation fees and ride the explosive adoption of Binance Smart Chain’s DeFi space.

There’s a buzz in the social media circuits, especially on FinTwit surrounding the superiority of BSC for DeFi. We should attack them at the juggular and go for all that value tied up in those slow, costly, existing DeFi projects.

PancakeSwap is seeing a large influx of COMP thanks to the lucrative APY offered (at the time of writing, ~29,000% APY).


No, I think add Lending Protocol Token is meaningless.

You can use AutoFarm or Beefy to get robust APY on COMP.

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