Proposal of new asset - $CAKE

PancakeSwap and Venus are the backbone of my BSC Yield Farming strategy and this must be the case for several others. I believe adding CAKE as a collateral would make this combination even better and would help growing the BSC ecosystem even further.


Could not agree more.
Please bring CAKE to Venus.


Cake and Venus complete themselves in the DEFI system. There are also another great options, such as HBAR, but this proposal must pass first.


Massive yes from me!

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not a bad idea at all, I like it. Especially since CAKE is a important potential partner.

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Cake has a volume of 16mln $, it is not liquid, don’t we risk a scenario similar to Cannon?

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cake……Lack of stability, I think it needs to be observed for a while


CAKE is just no brainer now. Lots of social media activity and great exposure to a strong BSC project. Get it on Venus please. But collateral factor for this should be lowered to 30% in my opinion.

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Yes I also like your idea. Collateral rate 20-30% is acceptable.

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just got a message from the cryptogods. BCAKE :dizzy_face:

Difference with CAKE is that it is sufficiently well distributed that we don’t risk this, imho.

However to reduce risk we can start with lower collateral factor until we are comfortable.

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Cake & Venus are the most liquid project on BSC and I support the listing of CAKE on one condition, we can start with lower collateral factor.

Any update on this? I think it’s a great idea because pancake swap is probably the most high profile and cutest dex. And their lottery idea is interesting. But someone mentioned cake as not being liquid, I wonder if this is still an issues.

I would still make heavy use of this option :slight_smile:

Yes, Please add cake to venus

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we need cake for sure :pancakes: :pancakes: :pancakes:

As i know cake already minting VAI… and has a venus and swipe pool why add it diret to Venus since you have already the products working at venus from cake?

true, cake and venus are the next Uniswap and AAVE, we can go fastly xvs to 500$

yes cake is definately yes for us

Cake is already into Venus… they farming venus with swipe and others farms already… makes no sense to open a single pool to cake here… as cake is already inside Venus… anyway…