Proposal: Integrate $VAI stablecoin as payment method in Uquid


Integrate the UQUID Shopping Portal on the Venus Community website ( and Integrate $VAI as a supported payment method on Uquid - Web3 E-commerce platform, giving the ability to the Global WEB3 ecosystem to use $VAI, a decentralized stablecoin to shop for 160M+ products on Uquid with great offers and rewards including physical goods, game cards, gift cards, prepaid cards, mobile top-up, and much more.


Uquid, a prominent Web 3 Ecommerce platform, boasting 50 million monthly visitors and a global user base of 2.35 million, is setting the stage for a groundbreaking integration with Venus Protocol. As the pioneer merchant with 3 mini apps listed on Binance Marketplace and 9 mini apps featured on Gate Mini App Center, together with the existence on multiple trusted platforms such as OKX Wallet, Ledger, Trust Wallet, etc (see more here), Uquid offers a diverse range of digital and physical products. These include game cards, gift cards, payment cards, mobile top-up services, eSIMs, bill payments, softwares and much more.

Digital Shop:

Physical Shop: :

This integration will see the stablecoin $VAI becoming part of the Uquid’s payment system. It’s a game-changer that not only unlocks new shopping possibilities for the Venus community but also enhances the liquidity of $VAI. Uquid and Venus will be collaborating to celebrate this union by launching many exceptional joint marketing campaigns to reward users who choose $VAI for their Uquid purchases.

To kickstart these initiatives, the Venus DAO will provide 10,000 $VAI tokens as the marketing contribution to Uquid to bring great offers in terms of products and rewards to $VAI users.

The BEP20 address: 0x03e3ff995863828554282e80870b489cc31dc8bc

Below will be the detailed marketing plan between Venus and Uquid:


UQUID Online shopping portal presents a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience with its user-friendly interface, diverse product range, multiple payment options, excellent customer service, and reliable shipping. It is undoubtedly a top-notch platform that caters to the needs and preferences of today’s users and brings endless possibilities to grow the Venus stablecoin ecosystem rapidly.


Very good jobs! Please make it done asap