Proposal Idea: Retroactively rewarding users that minted VAI pre-automation with XVS tokens

Putting this one in here so we don’t lose track of it - this is something that JL has already said they would look into.

To summarize, users that minted VAI before the reward process was automated did not receive their XVS rewards for the pre-automation period. This was an oversight. This proposal would result in those users to retroactively receive those XVS rewards.


Doesn’t matter. Should be voted on this now, imo

I’m going to bump this and agree. I too was minting a significant amount of VAI when the minting opened up, at a cost of not being able to use that capital to farm or stake elsewhere.

JL did state the whole time that they were taking snapshots of the BSC blocks, in order to pay the early VAI minters. I hope he comes true to his word on supporting a proposal for this.

Agreed. I also lost the opportunity to earn BUSD borrowing APY in order to get a better APY at minted VAI as calculated by several community members.

Are we ever going to vote this? Now that Swipe’s team is openly lying and pretending that SXP 3x rewards never existed, we could at least make part of this whole mess right.

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Joselito personally promised me in the TG group “before end of year” and then “until the end of the next week, we just need to get the calculations right” 10 days go. I politely asked him last time I saw him in the TG group I was silenced for a week and all messages I ever sent in the group were deleted.

Pretty untrustworthy and authoritarian IMO.

Wow. But definitely par For the course.