Proposal Idea: PancakeSwap LP tokens as collateral

Hi guys, what about allowing LP tokens (from PancakeSwap) as collateral ?

Aave introduced this new feature recently, really smart idea.

Since TVL of PCS is one of the biggest in the whole DeFi ecosystem It could launch the Venus TVL to the moon.

We don’t need to set APY for supplying it could just hep users to strengthen their supply balance.

I know some minors problems need to be fixed asap but we need to focus on the long-term view too.

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I think as a community that it is more beneficial if we produce innovative ideas rather than copy cat other platforms. For instance, rather than forward what Aave is doing, take a moment and come up with something unique using Aave’s new approach as inspiration.

Thank you for taking time to read my proposal idea, but up to now Venus is a 100% copy paste and nothing is bad to copy something that’s good for users, we do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Deprive ourself of the ability to offer awesome features to users just because it’s not unique sound like a terrible idea in my opinion, not to mention almost every BSC protocols are nothing more than copy paste.

Regarding how long it takes to fix “minor” issues like VAI liquidations and XVS borrowing, I’m not confident in the Venus team’s capacity to reinvent the wheel. They better focus on features who could attract and satisfy users instead of being different.

Well, you do have a point there. Multiple points actually LOL.


Anyway we both hope the best for Venus :wink:

This idea (post LP tokens) is a good one. Will this be proposed/implemented?

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I support this, I would like to see stablecoin lps like busd-usdc.

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I believe it can be done another tab for LP… but for now we have others issues to handle … but im pretty sure this would be a great improvement… and not because others has made but because we can do also… capture more liquidity and grow and recover… having always a fee associated it will boost recovery.

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