Proposal Idea: Create XVS Vault

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In the current state of the protocol, there are very few benefits of being a XVS holder. Early supports should be rewarded with daily rewards just like VAI minters , this will have a virtuous effect on the market and more people will also wan to borrow XVS to put it in the vault. The proposal is to split the Vault allocation between VAI and XVS.


That makes sense. Is there any potential negative to this?

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Maybe Venus can reward part of fees to XVS holder, not share the VAI’s allocation


come on man, it totally make no sense with this.

We can just increased the weight of XVS borrow/supply to get more daily XVS distribtuion.

makes perfect sense when we have 1 single whale who has no exposure to the downside risk of XVS earning the lions share of 1500 XVS per day on the borrow side as it is capped at 450k.

The additional benefits of this proposal is that it would stop whales also using large amounts of XVS as collateral for risky loans which have a negative impact on the XVS price.

Whilst I am not saying we shouldn’t have XVS as a supply/borrow asset, we don’t have to further reward this by giving risky plays large amounts of XVS tokens. We want to encourage people to buy and hold their venus (i.e. see my other suggestions regarding increased XVS rates on coins for holding XVS tokens).


I am guessing the only drawback will be that you then cannot borrow against your XVS?


The 450k cap makes sense (voting) but the fact that it’s just one dude is making bank every. single. day. is an eyesore in the Venus system. New people see this and think twice about investing.