Proposal: Forbid minting VAI for now until VIP 12 coming out!

If possible, the Venus community and the team should take a emergency VIP to forbid minting VAI for now until VIP 12 coming out.

The community can’t just sit and wait VIP12.

It’s a bug, when the bug wasn’t fixed, so the function should be forbidden temporarily.

For now, someone were using this bug crazily.

Even making a cap for minting VAI is more better then now.

I believe it is done intentionally to keep money on ven.fin.

The team are gambling their goodwill, and seem to be stalling to maintain their residuals (xvs apy). But competitors are catching up now.

I hope they pull together. Venus protocol will die on the vine if it is removed from Binance Smart Chain.

Don’t get me wrong - the project has grown enormously over the last two months. But it is hard to gauge organic growth -

Twitter and the other platforms are full of noise now, which has resulted in reputational damage to the protocol. So much of this could have been avoided if there were clear comms.

The design of VAI was so simple and crude, so many logic flows in it, i just can’t believe it learned from MAKERDAO…

Even makerdao still have many logic flows, but if VAI learned from MAKERDAO, it should modified these logic flows of makerdao, but it didn’t, it inherited these logic flows from makerdao and designed its own logic flows…

Can’t imagine how these happened…

The team should remember:
“Sans la liberté de blâmer, il n’est point d’éloge flatteur.”