Proposal: Commission Quarterly Research Reports through Messari Protocol Services

In an effort to better inform the crypto ecosystem on ongoing fundamental changes and major developments on Venus, we are proposing that Messari writes quarterly research reports. This would serve to attract more builders, entrepreneurs, and investors who would then provide value to the overall network once they are more aware of these core project fundamentals.

All reports would live as free resources on Messari and would be distributed through our newsletter (230k subscribers) and various social channels.

Currently, there is a high barrier for those within existing project communities and the broader crypto world to stay informed and up to date with all of the major key performance indicators and protocol-level changes. While there are various analytics dashboards, blog posts, and messaging channels, it is still cumbersome to have a strong understanding of all the important happenings going on. This leads to a misallocation of resources, both time and money since there are investors, developers, and users that are not acting with the full breadth of knowledge at their disposal.

To alleviate this problem, many of the largest projects and DAOs are expending additional resources to better surface a lot of this core information. These initiatives are serving to increasingly professionalize this industry, however, what is still missing is the proper contextualization of this data from an independent third party that would allow an outsider to gain better insight into what’s going on.


  • Annual membership ($10k) provides the ability to commission research reports. It also comes with a full asset profile, free tickets to Mainnet and a 2-month trial to Messari Enterprise.
  • Initiation of coverage report ($20k) that breaks down what the project is building and why it matters, while contextualizing it within the broader crypto landscape. It will also delve into a comparative analysis and breakdown of the token economics.
    Examples: Osmosis, Euler, Injective
  • Four quarterly reports ($25k/per) beginning in Q2 that present and analyze key KPIs and fundamental metrics (loans originated, deposits, utilization rates, protocol revenue, etc.) from both a macro protocol level as well as more granular specific markets. The report will delve into major governance developments, upgrades, and key roadmap initiatives on a recurring basis.
    Examples: Compound, Uniswap, Fei

We can also create and maintain a live data dashboard ($30k) as well as host analyst calls ($10k/per) with the analyst and project leads to discuss the key findings of the report as well as engage with the community.


Great idea. We need more of this

Hey guy’s. I love the proposal but the Economic model is a bit unclear. I see a lot of 10k/Per, 25k/Per etc. Could you please specify?

As a DAO, in order for the community to have a clear idea and for Venus to move forward on this, we need the annual total cost to be clearly defined.


Good point as I wanted to outline the array of options but more concretely what I think would make the most sense is as follows:

  • Initiation of Coverage - $20,000
  • Quarterly reports x 4 - $100,000
  • Live dashboard - $30,000
    Total: $150,000

(I’ve removed the annual membership fee)

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Excelente propuesta me encantó

It seems expensive and maybe useless to me because tools like this shows similar statistics and we should be able to issue any reports ourselves… I may be wrong but I think so :face_with_monocle: Dune


Would it be best to have the team explain why spending 150k on this is a good idea? We have the companies point of view, but 150k is a lot of money for a report and some emails.

Maybe some data is available based on their history with other companies and the metrics added value they brought in.

Seems to me that binance backend team can do all this same work, and or, if its such a good idea why doesnt binance already have a contract with them do to this work?

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This seems much expensive and the reports that will be made public or the stats do not justify the cost at which they are coming.

The ROI is not good, it in red.


against this proposal.

Especially against those quarterly reports. Rest would be okay for me. Just shiny slides and and financial reporting that should be done by venus staff and not by some advisors who cost 10 times the money.

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Spent this money on a bad ass slick whitepaper. I think this is a bit of waste of money. Within the ambassador program and below ranks there could be some data wizards that could create data insights and fancy graphs.

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It is expensive, but if we want to attract institutional investors, we need such a service. It is very valuable. Let’s test it for a year.

Could you elaborate what “the value” is? And institutional investors have brought what sake to what platform? Those guys are out there for the quick money and they don’t shy away from anything… Just have a look what institutional investors did to celsius the last month… (Not a celsius fan, more the opposite, but I guess you get the point)

The value is that you can get a professional edited status report about the key data of the protocol regulary. Transparency attracts investors. About Celsius there is much speculation, I have no insight, but the asset management is made by people.

If there is institutional value then venus team should discuss this.

Too expensive, I think. What is good point for our business?

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@wonderomg We could build that out further and enable more granular analytics not just looking at the macro level but individual pools as well (example)

@Hiromatsu I can assure you the cost of full-service Investor relations done in-house costs a lot more than us (MakerDAO is paying a team $1.3 million/year)

I’ll add that the value doesn’t just come from surfacing that data but the distribution where we get this data in front of 250k crypto professionals.

I’m also excited to share that we’ve partnered with S&P Global to get our quarterly reports on their CapIQ and Aftermarkets research offering which gets in front of 15,000 of the largest investment banks, funds, financial service companies, and corporates in the world.

This brings tremendous value to a protocol by professionalizing them in front of trillions of dollars of institutional capital that will be consuming these reports

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RE: I’m also excited to share that we’ve partnered with S&P Global to get our quarterly reports on their CapIQ and Aftermarkets research offering which gets in front of 15,000 of the largest investment banks, funds, financial service companies, and corporates in the world.

Wow! That’s a strong and Unique selling argument!

You have my vote with that one!

I think these prices are without VAT, and I think Venus can’t get a VAT return because Venus is a defi protocol and not a registered company…?
That would make the price probably go +21%

I would vote no. I don’t think this will add something in this stage.
I think it would be better to let Venus developers program some extra dashboard with statistics.

There’s no VAT… $150k flat for a full-service investor relations arm for the DAO

I’ll also add that we’ve now secured redistribution on the Bloomberg terminal which as you all may now reaches the vast majority of the tradfi world

We really think this could be a huge differentiator for Venus by showcasing the real economic activity going on to the tradfi world