Proposal: Add AVAX, SOL, and LUNA to Venus

Today, Venus is one of if not the only money market where people can borrow and lend with all of the L1 tokens below:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • ADA
  • DOT
  • BNB

The additions of AVAX, SOL, and LUNA strengthens Venus’ position as the the protocol with everything. By default, Venus would be the only possible option for people with these tokens to get yield without scattering them across dozens of chains and protocols. From an ease of use standpoint, this can’t be understated.

SOL - 0x570A5D26f7765Ecb712C0924E4De545B89fD43dF
AVAX - 0x1ce0c2827e2ef14d5c4f29a091d735a204794041
LUNA - 0xECCF35F941Ab67FfcAA9A1265C2fF88865caA005


I agree with this proposal

All three are major assets at this point and we should do our best to support them.

I also think LUNA holders would love to see UST supported as well

UST - 0x23396cf899ca06c4472205fc903bdb4de249d6fc

For more context, this is the current circulation of these assets on BSC:

8.2M SOL

All these assets are great and in high demand, but I can speak about LUNA from experience since I was an early investor:

There are no lending/borrowing platforms like Venus on the Terra chain yet (Terra is Luna’s native blockchain), and it’s difficult to earn a decent yield on LUNA itself (staking APR is low).

So for anyone looking to earn yield on LUNA, Venus would be the first and obvious choice.

And it’s really easy to move assets from Terra to BSC using the official bridge at

I support idea with SOL and LUNA


Hey @JimK @criptounion @hwg112 you were in favor of adding SOL in an earlier post. Can you pls add your feedback on this discussion thread for everyone? :pray:

Also tagging some frequent posters here: @godot @fat @Jmn

Would love your input guys whether in favor or against. :pray:


I also agree these tokens would bring value to the platform


I second the motion that Venus should add AVAX, SOL and especially LUNA. I would even add to list UST as well. More lending platforms are appearing on BSC alone and we need to stay ahead. Adding these tokens would bring a lot of value to Venus and can even entice other platforms to list them on their protocols as well since liquidity for these tokens are being added into BSC

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i support it, and would also add SHIB to the list, (not a holder personally. )

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I agree with the proposal, I think it could boost up the TVL and offer BSC in general greater opportunity to keep TVL inside the network

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I would be really happy to see SOL and AVAX on venus. I need to borrow these coins. Also Fantom is in this catagory.

Let’s make it happen.

Thaks for the proposal mate. I am sending this to the team for further analysis and risk assessment.

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Adding other cryptocurrencies I see it well, I see the serious problem in giving positive interests when borrowing, since these should be negative, giving only positive interest to those who deposit their crypto in the protocol, increasing the value of the project and dare to hold cryptocurrencies in the venus protocol.

Personally, I think this should be taken very seriously because it could cause not only the end of the DEFI, but also that of other projects that are incorporated into them to give positive loans.