PRDT Finance : XVS Predictions Proposal

Hello everyone :wave:

Venus and PRDT Finance have become partners on November 19th 2021, therefore PRDT dedicated a prediction market for Venus users to bet on the price of XVS on a 15min timeframe using BNB as the betting token.

After running the data we have a new proposal to make to the Venus community:

XVS predictions would now become either BTC or ETH predictions on a 15min timeframe and all the fees (3% of the prize pool) would be used to buyback and burn XVS.
We believe that this would increase the popularity of this market and therefore generate more fees, which would be used to burn and buyback more XVS tokens.

Looking forward to your feedback in order to get this through.

Take care and enjoy predicting on ! :crystal_ball:


Good idea. Keep it up!

This is a welcome development

I concur! Let’s apply this change

Please implement this feature as soon as possible

Yes definitely, it would draw more traffic.

definitely a good idea, keep growing the uses

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Perfect!!! please execute

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