PRDT Finance : Contest Proposal

Hello everyone!

Venus and PRDT Finance have become partners on November 19th 2021, PRDT dedicated a prediction market for Venus users to bet on the price of ETH on a 15min timeframe using BNB as the betting token.

We have a huge opportunity on our hands, and after careful examination, the team here at PRDT.FINANCE acknowledges the amount of 23.5 BNB normally allocated to the burning and buying back of the XVS Token for the last 2 quarters.

The effect of buying back and burning the generated amount of BNB worth of XVS token would have a minor impact on the price.
Therefore for the time being we suggest using this amount to focus on acquiring new users for Venus & PRDT instead, until quarterly profits for Venus reach 50 BNB, that could then be used for burns. :fire:

We propose to use these tokens to fund a contest with the following steps.

  1. Follow Venus & PRDT on Twitter / Like & Retweet contest post

  2. Create and post a video either on YouTube/TikTok/Instagram/Twitter covering and

Top 5 best produced videos receive a prize:

1st place: 9 BNB
2nd place: 5 BNB
3rd place: 4 BNB
4th place: 3 BNB
5th place: 2.5 BNB

Looking forward to your feedback in order to get this through.

Take care and enjoy predicting on :crystal_ball:

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There will be TONs of BOTs and cheaters and paid likes on Twitter etc. it doesn’t make sense to give away BNB like this to various scammers and airdrop hunters.

It will be better to use some real services for contests where people cannot cheat or it is very complicated to cheat.

For example we can use Battles ( where we will pay for the organization of the competition and provide rewards for winnings, and everything else will be automatically taken care of for us.

These conditions like Like/Retweet etc. may be included and each winner will be checked for prize payout.

Just my opinion it can also be another similar competition. :wink:


In addition to Dominik, there can be a trade competition for Venus within Prdt finance and these prizes can be given to those who reach the most volume.

Prizes as follows can be distributed to the one who creates volume by placing the most bets on the Eth price:

1st place: 9 BNB
2nd place: 5 BNB
3rd place: 4 BNB
4th place: 3 BNB
5th place: 2.5 BNB


Excelente asociación que beneficia a Venus y a todos los usuarios.

Hey, thanks for the proposal. Here are my thoughts:

  1. From what I understand, it seems that the total amount of the prize pool will be provided by Venus, but the contest will benefit both Venus and PRDT.
    What can you offer to make this proposal more attractive to the Venus community?
    Will PRDT be willing to contribute to the prize pool or what will your contribution be?

  2. If this contest is to be funded with the Venus profits of a full quarter, then running one single event might have a limited and not lasting impact during that same timeframe.

Perhaps sharing an estimated outcome of this contest could help us to better understand the benefits for the Venus community.