Please dont harm your own community of users!

VIP-29 Has been passed due to the one whale account that basically controls the entire platform.

Congrats to the Venus team for once again taking a massive shit on its own governance system.

Our votes aren’t counted, proposals you create are passed thanks to your own votes, no user power is present in the functioning of this platform.

With the cryptocurrency market still recovering from the institutional manipulation in combination with spreading FUD (that is in my opinion way weaker than the bullish news everyone seems to ignore) the market still isn’t ready for you to destroy the value of your own coin by implementing the 9-month long bailout.

I would like to see the community of Venus come under this article and voice their opinions, as our governance votes don’t matter. If the majority were to agree on the VIP-29, I think the least the platform could do to protect its users instead of harming them would be to delay the beggining of the bailout.

Please share and voice your concerns, in case we are heard, in case we can make a difference.

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As a bank, no matter what method is adopted, it must solve the bad debt problem as soon as possible. Now we can only look forward to the future

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Well said. I am going to be looking for other platforms. I was in love when I found Venus but they obviously dont give a crap about its users. I might as well go back to using traditional banks.