New Unofficial Venus Telegram Chat that won't get you banned unjustly

Venus official & price telegram chat group admin has become notorious in banning people who asked constructive questions that is slightly negative for venus even though it is true and factual.

So please join our Venus Open Discussion Telegram: Join Group Chat that won’t ban you easily and unjustly.

The purpose of this new group is to allow people to freely/openly discuss about Venus project & price, whether positive or negative, so long it is true, not rude and not intentionally creating FUD, you won’t be banned like what Venus official and price chat group admin did. Please help to invite relevant members that wants a freer discussion in.

I was banned from the group without explanation just because I asked this below :

Can someone verify ? yesterday there was a discussion about the venus team was not that active recently on developments, there was very little update or commit on the code on Feb in github, then none at all for March. Is the venus team really not active anymore or taking a break or ? See it here Contributors to VenusProtocol/venus-protocol · GitHub

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Please use this public link instead Telegram: Contact @openVenus

Sadly it appears now that just being a member of this open discussion group is grounds for being banned from all other official channels.