New to the space

Hello guys, I’m relatively new to the Crypto space in general and I just joined venus after participating in an ama on binance live few weeks ago.
Though I don’t have much, not greedy😎 and I like trying out new things. I seek your advice or surgestion for a starting point for beginners in defi i.e dos and don’t for beginners. things to consider before supplying or borrowing etc.
Make it simple and short so other starters like me can benefit :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for your suggestions in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My suggestion would be to join the Telegram channel or the discord community and ask your question there again (beware of scammers that will DM you).
On the forums you will probably wait a long time for a answer, because topics here usually target strategic topics that are focussing on development ideas 98% of the time.

I would start with supplying only to get accustomed with Venus and as you learn start with some small borrows (of you feel like it). I am using Venus for more than a year and never borrowed significant ammounts. Still I am happy as a just supplier.

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