My Venus protocol is not working. After making mistake...

After sending the busd borrowed in error back to venus…
Why was venus busd listed in the metamask…
At first, I was just thinking about where to find the wrong busd coin, where I could find 2000busd, but when I found out that the venus protocol wasn’t working, I could lose it, so I’m eager to see if the venus protocol works properly. Is there anything I can do?
this is my metamask wallet.
’B’ is venus busd address.

  1. my incorrect work

  1. venus doesn’t work correct

How could sending the wrong coin be so fatal?
If it’s a program problem, it should be fixed.
I think anyone can make this mistake.
Why is this fatal address exposed?
What should I do?
Where can I find the busd sent by Venus protocol?
Please help!
Young daughters have no qualms. I’m just sorry.
I sit at the computer for days to solve.
In the process of trying to solve it, I also found this community…
I have learned a lot
Tears come to my eyes at the thought of losing my precious assets, whether small or large.
Please help me!!

Send any coin to any wrong address on the blockchain is fatal, not specific to Venus

Correct, everyday people send the wrong token to the wrong address and lose their coins.

Contact Binance and evoke the * Pioneer Burn Program*.

It looks like it covers your case: will help users who lose their assets in the following cases below: The lost tokens are transferred to BEP20 contract addresses that are verified on, so that the loss can be publicly justified or recognized as moving the asset out of circulation and cannot be brought back forever

thank you very much!!

Not resolved yet.
Can you help me more?

I worry that it supports the transaction from this pioneer burn into the venus protocol… Binance support does not provide this part of the consultation approach…

Don’t go through the Binance deposit recovery. That’s when, and only when, you sent the wrong token to your binance wallet, or when your legit deposit hasn’t been credited.

Your case is different, you sent BUSD to a smart contract.
Binance may help because both BUSD and Venus are somehow in the hands of Binance. But it’s a manual procedure, you need to contact Binance support by chat and evoke Pioneer Burn Program.

Thanks very much for your helpful guide. I wiill do that…
I hope that I can pass on the successful result by all means.

The problem that the Venus protocol does not work is that it works normally after formatting the computer and then restarting it.^^

It’s not easy T…
It was difficult to chat with support
I got the following answer…What should I do? T…


:relaxed:Thank you for your patience. As we checked, the deposit address (0x95c78222b3d6e262426483d42cfa53685a67ab9d) is not a Binance address and cannot be viewed by us. We apologize for the inconvenience.

:relaxed: -We will guide you through the two methods above.

:relaxed: - 1. Regarding issues, including Binance Smart Chain issues, please contact customer service on the Binance Chain official website for advice. Please click the “Help” button on the website. Please note that Binance cannot handle Hadang-related types of issues.

2. Please contact Venus. 
  • :relaxed: We sincerely hope that we have been of assistance to your inquiry. But I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much help.

:relaxed:1.You can contact the Metamask wallet.

2.You can contact Venus.

3.You can contact Binance Smart Chain by depositing it to the BSC network.


Sorry for not being of much help. Please refer to the method above.

Only Venus Team themselves (since they have control over the smart contract) can provide technical help. So what support said is consistent.

Binance, the only thing they could do is refund you from the Pioneer Burn Program. I cannot read korean but it seems you haven’t evoked it. Your query should be about Pioneer Burn Program. If you simply chat about the tx and the Venus address, for sure they cannot help since it’s not a Binance deposit address.

Forget their advice about Metamask. you triggered a wrong transaction, Metamask cannot do anything about it. Metamask is just a GUI over the blockchain.

Thank you very much…
It is very difficult to access as ‘pioneer burn’ in vinance support. The support robot goes down.

What do I select?