Mint VAI or borrow a stablecoin?

I’m still not sure if it’s better to mint VAI or borrow some stablecoin. I understand that for the VAI mint I do not pay interest, so why ask for a stable one for which I have to pay interest? What is the best option if I need to use a stable outside of Venus?

VAI minting is currently disabled. And has been for months. So you don’t really have an option.

Out of curiosity, what would you have done with your freshly minted VAI?
Stack it in the Vault to get extra yield, or sell it for real stablecoin?
Had you sold, you would have got $0.95 to the VAI with a risk to buy it back >=1 so paying some interest on a real stable would still have been safer.

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I knew that the VAI mint was suspended months ago but when I saw the enable button active again, I thought that now it was possible again.
I still have a VAI loan that I want to repay to move my assets to a new, more secure wallet and request a new loan.

You cannot mint VAI but you can repay your VAI loan (and being liquidated in VAI if needed). Buying back VAI now may not be a bad idea with a ~5% discount.
edit: current discount is currently 3.5%