LUNA & UST Liquidations

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’ve been using VENUS for around 1 year now and had my main crypto portfolio (incidentally my entire net worth but that’s a whole other story i guess!), collateralised and used to borrow and reinvest in more crypto which i also staked as collateral towards my loan. Just the usual ! :wink:
Anyways, I had a chunk of that collateral as LUNA and so when it dropped to zero I got liquidated and lost all my BTC and USDC.
This surprised me somewhat as I thought that my stable coin allocation within my collateral was enough to keep the whole thing stable, however i may have been off in my maths i guess.
The fact that I lost SOOO much in liquidation is what was most surprising.

I had my account frozen then as I had some collateral still in LUNA and read the announcement (maybe too late) that I may in fact be spared from liquidation.
This gave me hope that perhaps i could get my liquidized collateral back. But today i log in to find my account is unpaused and my net worth is still just a small fraction of what it was :frowning:

So my questions are;
~What happened with the pausing and saving people with LUNA collateral from liquidation?
~Was I too late? Did i miss the window of opportunity?
(I unfortunately was caught in flooding here in Queensland and without power and internet during the whole LUNA fiasco! The worst timing! crazy!
such is life i guess
~Is it possible to find the liquidation transaction history on-chain? Can somebody please direct me in how to do that? I would really like to see what actually went down and when so that i might learn from all of this. I lost a big % of my net worth with this and i would like to avoid it in the future!

Thanks so much everyone! ~Bless!

What’s your address? You can check the liquidation history for you account by looking at the BEP-20 Tokens Txns on bscscan and see when your vToken were transferred to another address (the liquidator).

Edit: The pause happened after luna fell below 0.10$, so it’s quite possible that you were already totally liquidated by then and were not even affected by the pause.

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thanks for that. my address in case u feel like investigating: 0xfcf85be66c64a8230919dbb9be7e7a4a5c3ef318

You’re probably right about me getting liquidated before the pause happened, but i will try to look into, if nothing else to try to learn from it more. So sad. such is life i guess

Yes it seems you were already liquidated even before the Luna price issue.