Lost Funds? WHY!?

So I supplied some doge and bnb worth around 2k usd borrowed like 30 doge, just to see what this is all about, it was going well until I lost all my bnb all of a sudden! don’t know why or how? it was there and ten minutes later it was gone, 5,9 bnb. all my doge is there though.
so what should have caused that? i know i didn’t withdraw. or borrowed too much to get liquidated.

Post your address or some transaction details so we can look into it.

Have a look on https://www.yieldwatch.net/

so this is my wallet:
and my supply was 2 days ago
here is txn hash:
don’t know how these will help though.

This was swapped on Pancake swap

Wait, you don’t supposed to swap vBNB? It was worth like 3USD. How did that cause all my BNB to get lost?

Sorry for bothering you at this point but I don’t get it. What happened to my funds? Yes I swapped vBNB for BNB but it was worth 0.02BNB as stated above, but I had supplied 5.9BNB. Am I missing something? Obviously my funds but other than that?

Or did I just f… myself up?

You Fed your self. That vbnb was basically your receipt for supplying your BNB. With it gone, you now have no BNB. Dont ever touch the v funds.


Sorry to say, but as you are already suspecting: you f… yourself up.

vBNB is a receipt token linked to your Supplied asset. Its directly linked to your BNB and (normally) just used to claim your funds back.

Some people that had no good intentions added a vBNB BNB pair on PCS I guess and your BNB is now in their wallet

Well this is my first time getting scammed in the crypto space. Hard to swallow but it is what it is I guess. Thanks for the answers.

You didnt get scammed. You just didnt know and it cost you. It sucks but its no ones fault but yours. Regardless, I am sorry it happened.

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Well… he did not get scammed, thats right, but besides that it would be really nice if situational awareness could somehow be increased.

Best thing of course would be if PCS (as the biggest player) would somehow display a warning message…

But it is - for shure - difficult to archive.

They have expert mode which you need to turn on and you set the slippage amount, it’s suprising that a trade like that didn’t flash up some warning as BSC Scan valued VBNB at 2k and the WBNB @ $7

Thank you for looking into this.

This is a nice feature