Liquidator Tool

Liquidation process is a crucial phase in the protocol’s operations. A malfunction of this would deeply undermine trust in users to supply their assets on Venus.

I think that actually the liquidation process is not easy for the average user to put in place, maybe someone who is taking the first steps on the protocol or lending in general doesn’t even know that liquidation can be performed by himself.

My proposal is to develop a clear interface, accessible via a button directly on the Venus main page, where users can easily locate liquidated portfolios and perform liquidation in a few clicks.
The protocol will achieve substantial benefit in terms of users’ trust and liquidation incomes


Hello Farad. Thank you for this offer. The Venus Community has already developed several tools in regards to liquidations and the Dev team also has in mind to develop liquidations page for

This will be done as soon as a few more dependencies are shipped. Mainly: Modifications to the liquidator smart Contract are being done, VAI PSM will be shipped and enter in service soon and VAI Minting will be enabled again.

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