Liquidator to be automatic by the protocol

Well looks like the liquidators are missing something… this wallet adress has a debit for a long period and no liquidator looks like wanna take the risk as the bitcoin and crypto recent drop.

0xc378e9a0780bbcbc9328f0b1546ddefdf51dcdbd - 300 000$- 400 000$ current debit
Why would we give away 10% wich can stand with community?

Soo i believe its possible to remove these individuals liquidators and implement a contract where the protocol will get this done, and will share the 10% with the community… (if the owner doesnt repays the debit… the protocol should split the coins cost between all…)
We do have enought capital to handle this kind of big liquidations… and the protocol taking those coins and sharing would be better then someone outside taking advantage of the protocol…

when you have no clue about something its better not talk,

the address has only VAI borrowed and liquidating VAI is not possible.
as you can see they are just working on the implementation of VAI liquidations

From the moment he had his coins at supply and using them for mint VAI… i did thinked it could be liquidated… soo the liquidations are happening only at borrow side… insane this should had already be done… anyway how will this fee works?