Liquidation fee thoughts

Currently liquidations are executed by individuals. Anybody could benefit from a liquidation by paying the debt and earning a 10% fee on the liquidated amount.
But in reality, those are executed by bots handled by a little amount of individuals.
Isn’t it technically possible to execute liquidation on a smart contract basis? If the liquidation criteria is met, the debt is payed by the liquidity providers and the fee could be shared between them, increasing APY.

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This option is available on the ForTube lending platform.

I think the simple answer as it seems to be for the most part of the problems we are facing with the platform is, we do we think it has most of the bots… thought for the mind…

In any case, I do agree with you. There´s no reason why we shouldn´t. I think as a community we need to seriously think how to attract developers to help us with this issues - as otherwise we will keep being ignored…