Let me tell you why so many people support the retention of VRT

Marus said that most community members support the retention of VRT. Is this really the case?
I don’t think that the discussion on the forum represents the overall public opinion. People will only come out to debate when their own interests are harmed. Keeping VRT is harmful to users who hold XVS. They did not express their views on the forum, just because they thought they were safe now.

The reason why the number of people who support the retention of VRT seems to be large, only because the interests of “VRT party” have been harmed under this proposal.

The biggest lie of the VRT party is: “Using VRT to replace XVS for emissions will reduce the selling pressure of XVS. I have a complete plan to prove this, so: believe me, let VRT take the lead, XVS will be better!”

The actual situation is: after the VRT is in the position, should Venus deal with the dump from the VRT? If you don’t deal with it, VRT will plummet, and the incentive effect of VRT is 0; to deal with? Okay, please hand over the value of XVS to VRT. As a result, the intrinsic value of XVS has fallen? Oh, that has nothing to do with me, because I have a heavy warehouse but only VRT~

Would the VRT party scream so loudly if it were not for self-interest?
It’s better to be more straightforward: I’m betting that the VRT is trapped to death, and the team hastened to come up with a favor and save me!
What kind of community opinion are you talking about? The interests of the holders of XVS are completely opposed to the interests of the VRT party. It is impossible for the public opinion of the Venus community to be consistent with that of the VRT!


I agree.
There are two kinds of people who support vrt. People who buy vrt in bulk and people who get vrt and sell out xvs.
These people are selfish, not for the development of xvs at all.
The worthless issue of vrt has been arguing for 3 months.
In difficult times, the team should be decisive.

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Why invest in vrt? That is because of the deception of the team! What the team did and said was completely inconsistent.


I’m glad we can swap VRT for XVS at a correct ratio. I’m happy with 12000:1 let’s keep it like that and let’s focus on XVS.

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I agree .Don’t always claim that you represent the community. You just represent yourself. I hold more than 10000000 VRT. I lose a lot, but I support the proposal because it is right. Some people buy a little, but they say a lot

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I don’t think VRT is worthy of further development. It is just a speculative product. Although my own speculation failed, I hope I will not go down the wrong path. At present, getting VENUS back on the right track is a top priority, and it is also the most effective way to recover some of the VRT losses. We can only move forward, don’t retreat anymore, time waits for no one.

Lots of new names posting on these forums. All of you saying get rid of VRT probably just invested in XVS. I only have 360k VRT/36NFT/9XVS left and I was under 30% and couldn’t sell to even stop being liquidated. I still owe VAI back after losing 351 XVS and BNB. This doesn’t seem like a community project. I would like to see on what/how many were affected by the cascade. I don’t know if it could be done easily, but I’m curious why it hasn’t been talked about. A lot of early investors are being screwed by the new team too. Sounds like a great change. SMH.


Single XVS token is the best for the Venus. VRT is not necessary and is a burden to the Venus. VRT will only consume big part of the resource and will add more risk to the Venus.

I do only have a small amount of VRT compared to XVS. I think it is very important to keep VRT in order to reduce the emissions of XVS. Further on there is ways to make VRT useable, it just takes some time to code and implement it into the protocol. So, please do not speak as XVS investors don’t like the idea.

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Vrt assuming xvs emissions making it a rare coin and hard to get… about the sell pressure of VRT could face… look at theta it has been able to find a floor over time… the same would happen with VRT… and since it would includes burnings along the time it would turn into a low supply coin as well… The fact is to see really the community feedback they can easy allow xvs staked to vote… but the thing is a lot xvs Holder had lost their bags due to the attack soo its hard to say that community is against or supporting Vrt… i did see Vrt as a new hope for the Protocol as xvs would be a governance wich controls all… not giving others usecases wich werent needed at all because to make any change you need xvs… With the VRT introduction from the old team we would be burning 33% from the total supply 10 milions(XVS)… wich would make the impact into the value in short medium period… as stated before xvs controls Venus never would be any other coin having such power… Wanna know the funny thing since the new team assumed almost no extra liquidity has been add besides the new coin listings liquidity the others coins remains with the same numbers almost as before the new team assume… the thing here is “Trust has been damage, as well Binance reputation” and this im sadly to say it has no price…


I disagreed, vrt was brain child of Venus and it does come with a lot of good point to grow Venus and complete with others in term of apy. Look at kava, they are giving very high apy to usdx. If we have vrt, we can do the same. Vrt is air token, just give it so Venus can bring in more tvl