Isolated Lending Market for RACA on Venus

About RACA

RACA (USM.WORLD), is a web3 ecosystem initiated by Maye Musk NFT Dog community. Over 3.7 million units of BNB Coins (2 billion USD equivalent) of trading volume was recorded in 9 months from Maye Musk NFT and derivative NFTs, including game characters and virtual lands.

Backed by OKX Ventures and Consensys Mesh Tachyon (parent company of MetaMask), it has one of the biggest web3 communities over 29 fanbase regions, 665k followers on Twitter, 510k on Telegram, and 68k on Discord. USM is also the web3 central for virtual headquarters and social spaces for partners include - BNB Chain, Huobi, Kucoin, Bybit, Bitget, LBank, OKC, Dodo, MEXC, BSC News, Element Market, and Miami NFT Week etc.

RACA partnered with Venus Protocol in August and built a virtual HQ for Venus in USM Metaverse. To further this collaboration, USM also held Venus’s 2nd Anniversary Metaverse live concert on Nov 24. We hope to have more joint events with Venus in the near future.

RACA have a big web3 ecosystem to cover a broad range of audiences. RACA is also exploring SocialFi simultaneously, so USM Metaverse and the future gaming platform can provide many social functions, such as text chat, voice chat, and virtual competition. Don’t worry if you can’t understand the language of other countries, USM also has a text translation function, supporting more than 20 languages ​​such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Indian

One month ago, Advanced XR Vtuber virtual concert platform Vapollo Group (, one of the world’s biggest XR developers, which provides technology encompasses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) with mixed reality (XR), made an announcement to enter the web3.0 scene, under its new web3 game studio establishment Vato Labs.

Vato Labs, web3.0 gaming studio by Vapollo Group, will encompass all web3 efforts under one umbrella, and set to launch a 2D Party Game “Looki Looki Jazzi” on and virtual world metaverse, where RACA will be the payment token of the games.

“Looki Looki Jazzi” aims to be the web3.0 equivalent of online social game “Goose Goose Duck”. The game is prepared to provide customizable options for players such as in-game characters-avatars and skins for partnered Vtubers (Virtual Youtubers). There will also be slots option to get characters-avatars.

Vato Labs is also set to appoint overseas and international gaming influencers Youtubers and streamers as a game design consultant and game tester during the development process of “Looki Looki Jazzi” that will be published on RACA (USM.World) - one more indicator of Vapollo Group’s determination to scale its web3 efforts and expand its virtual experiences.


Venus Protocol is the No.1 well-established money market on the BNB chain. Sufficient liquidity enables users to conduct various leveraged transactions with more confidence using all different kinds of strategies.

With RACA being the governance token of all games, users can borrow more assets using their liquid staked tokens as collateral. They can then make purchases and enjoy competitions for more in-game rewards. RACA token holders have more opportunities to enable several borrowing use cases. A high yield is achievable by staking multiple times with the initial investment. Compared to staking return on BNBchain, this option gives a much higher return. Especially for the “skill to earn” social web3 game “Looki Looki Jazzi”, users with high skill levels have big advantages to start. By using Venus’s isolated market, those skilled users have the opportunity to leverage their initial investment to earn big rewards from the start of the journey! Using proper risk management and trading strategies at the same time will also make more capital efficient through leverage.


RACA will provide $25,000 in Bootstrap Liquidity and $1,500 in User Reward Incentives after the official launch. The listing will also highlight and share across 29 fanbase regions, 665k followers on Twitter, 510k on Telegram, and 68k on Discord.

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