Isolated Lending Market for FLOKI on Venus


Floki proposes the addition of FLOKI as collateral to Venus BNB market with the creation of an Isolated lending market.


Floki is the people’s cryptocurrency and the utility token of the Floki Ecosystem.

The Floki Ecosystem currently consists of:

  • A PlayToEarn metaverse game named Valhalla. It’s currently the most active project on Optimism Goerli.
  • An innovative crypto locker protocol named FlokiFi Locker. Current TVL is $34 million.
  • A crypto education platform named University of Floki.

Floki currently has over 440,000 holders and is rapidly growing. The vast majority of these holders are on the BNB chain (373,000+). Floki has also built a strong mainstream brand, recognised by 3 billion+ people, through a history of strategic partnerships with major sports teams (Formula 1, football, cricket, etc) as well as other strategic marketing initiatives.


This unlocks new DeFi possibilities for FLOKI token holders as they can use their FLOKI tokens as collateral in the Venus Isolated Markets to access liquidity. Venus will also tap into Floki’s rapidly growing network on the BNB chain which mostly consists of retail users just having their first DeFi experience.


Floki will provide FLOKI tokens to incentive users and bring more users to the Venus Platform.


Token Address: 0xfb5b838b6cfeedc2873ab27866079ac55363d37e

Price Oracle: FLOKI/USD (FLOKI / UNITED STATES DOLLAR) Oracle Price Feed | Pyth Network


  • PancakeSwap: ~$6.2m
  • Thena: ~$500k
  • Biswap: ~$240k
  • ApeSwap: $300k

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