Isolated Lending Market for BSW on Venus

Isolated Lending Market for BSW on Venus


Biswap proposes the addition of BSW to the Isolated Markets on Venus. Here is the core info on why BSW token will strengthen Venus.


About Biswap

Biswap is a leading DEX platform on the BNB Chain offering low trading fees of 0.1% for stable pairs and 0.2 % for other crypto assets. Users can trade BEP-20 tokens and profit passively by staking crypto on Farms, Launchpools, and providing liquidity.

Binance Labs made a strategic investment to support the rapid Biswap development. In less than 2 years Biswap has grown to 550K+ active users on the platform and 600K+ community. Our ecosystem is developing with leading projects such as Binance, Binance NFT, Coin 98, AutoFarm, SafePal, Alpaca Finance, Brave, etc.

All of our contracts have been successfully audited with CertiK.

About BSW

BSW is a native BEP-20 token which is listed on major centralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin,, etc. Users can earn BSW as a reward via the Referral Program, Multi-Reward Pool, Farms, Launchpools and more which has attracted 140K+ holders.


It’s a lucrative opportunity for BSW holders as they can add BSW tokens as collateral to the Isolated Markets on Venus and let other users borrow BSW. In this way, users will be able to earn with a decent APY instead of being passive holders.

Borrowers, in turn, can explore a range of exclusive offers on the Biswap platform such as:

  • Decent APY on Farms for LP Staking
  • BSW Single token staking: Launchpool with Autocompounding feature, Launchpool with rewards in 2 tokens, Holder pool with exclusive benefits for BSW holders, Multi-Reward Pool with rewards in 3 tokens (BSW, WBNB, and BUSD)
  • Multi-type Referral Program


Biswap will be providing BSW token incentives to increase rewards and bring more users to the Venus Platform.

Seed liquidity: $50 000 in BSW
Incentive rewards for users: $5 000 in BSW
Incentive rewards distribution: $3 000 in BSW for 30 days and $2000 for the next 30 days.


Token Address: 0x965F527D9159dCe6288a2219DB51fc6Eef120dD1
Liquidity on Biswap: ~$17.6M Liquidity
Market cap: $79M

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