Isolated Lending Market for ALPACA on Venus

Venus Protocol Governance Topic


Alpaca Finance proposes the addition of ALPACA token to Venus’ Isolated Lending Markets.


Alpaca Finance is the largest Leveraged Yield Farming Protocol on the BNB Chain and Fantom. Protocol offers also other products such as Lending, AI-enhanced Automated Vaults, which automatically manage LYF positions to achieve neutral or long exposure to asset prices with up to 8x leverage, Overcollateralized, decentralized stablecoin AUSD and decentralized perpetual futures exchange.

The abovementioned products allowed Alpaca Finance to generate over 100M USD value in real yield revenue during 2022 and continue to do so in the bear market of 2023.

Alpaca Finance released 2 series of NFT tokens- Alpies which allow their holders to access additional utilities on the platform. In 2022 AF acquired a game development studio that works on the release of games that will provide further utility to Alpies and help onboard more users to DeFi.

With 22 audits, a spotless security record, and many security innovations AF is a safe haven for DeFi users’ funds.

About the ALPACA token

Alpaca Token allows its holders and Governance Vault stakers to capture the economic benefits of the platform’s performance.

It’s a fair-launched (no presale, no pre-mine) token which allowed the community of investors to participate on even ground in bootstrapping the development of the Alpaca ecosystem. Protocol revenues are used to buy back the tokens from the market and burn them resulting in constant deflationary pressure on their price.

Locking ALPACA in the Governance Vault allows holders to acquire a share in the revenues of the protocol and participate in the governance process.

Alpaca Finance paid out over 3.3M USD value to its Governance Vault stakers in 2022 as dividends.


Listing ALPACA in Venus’ Isolated Markets will allow its holders to unlock the potential of their tokens by allowing to recognize them as collateral and borrow assets against them. Additionally, the lenders will have a chance to generate additional yield by supplying the tokens to venus Money Market.

Borrowers on the other side of the market will receive a chance to better manage exposure to ALPACA market price through hedging their long exposure, borrowing tokens for use in Governance Vault staking giving them access to revenue of the platform and governance process.

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