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Orbiter Finance is a ZK-tech-based instant omni rollup on Ethereum, delivering secure, efficient, and decentralized data communication services. We support developers in deploying cross-chain applications on Orbiter, while also ensuring users a web3 experience that transcends conventional blockchain interactions.

Here are some links FYR:
Github: Orbiter Finance · GitHub

Orbiter Finance enables cross-rollup transactions of Ethereum-native assets in a trustless and seamless manner. We support various networks, including Ethereum, zkSync Era, zkSync Lite, Linea, Mantle, Base, StarkNet, opBNB, Scroll, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Loopring, Optimism, Polygon, Polygon zkEvm, BNB Chain, Zora, BOB, BEVM, Bitlayer, Bouncebit, Merlin, Solana, TON, Taiko etc…

Now we supports more than 25 networks with:

Total users: 3.8M
Total txs: 23M
Total volume: $22M
DAU: 18-20K
MAU: 450K
Daily txs: 50k+ (in the near week)

Our OpenAPI documentation: Orbiter Finance, outlines the seamless integration possibilities that can enhance user experiences and unlock new functionalities for both our user bases.

Looking forward to the possibility of working together on this exciting journey.

Warm regards,
Orbiter Finance

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