Insider secrets of the Venus project

They are running scared, deleting posts and flagging content.

I don’t see how creating a poll about how the treasury should be spend is regarded as hate speech.

Or asking why the swap is taking so long, and questioning why they are prioritising a logo over fixing real issues.

Is this really upsetting?


Yes. Its not a good look. It happened a lot with the last administration but its scary to see that it is still happening now.


Actually, the only content that was deleted was the Planet guy’s trying to get attention and spamming every single threads.

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Another insider secret for you I’ve been on mute for a month for saying a logo is coming…

Pathetic, as well as having my profile graffiti by the mods here.

For the lol here’s what coming soon means to venus.

Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 13-55-04 Venus Protocol

Been coming soon for 1 year!

Hey fat…

I agree with you most of the time (97%).
I don’t know about SafePal…

But isn’t it a ledger (or binance) issue, because I think you can’t connect to any bsc dapp without metamask?!
So this sounds a bit unfair to me…

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Safepal works with most projects and is also backed by Binance.

Maybe, but you can’t really say it’s coming soon if Ledger has openly stated to use Metamask if that is indeed the bottle neck. No other Dapp has suggested that Ledger support is coming soon, as it already exists.

Not only through Metamask but you can also use Wallet connect.


It is a non issue and should just be removed.

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Wow, Hey! you’re back Fat!


Yep back! was silenced for 2 weeks for saying the logo will probably be the only thing that comes out this year apparently that is fud :rofl:

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More insider secrets…

  • Coming soon means before you die.

  • Next week we will make an important announcement, if this the first time saying it, then it is an announcement of an announcement.

  • Second time it will be to say it’s a delay because of a partner or someone outside of the teams control.

  • Third time Just doing final checks.

  • 4th It’s been delayed again

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