Incorporate SOL to Venus Protocol?

Considering how SOL is developing, I think it would be right for it to form part of our protocol, how do you see it?


I agree. I love SOL!


Adopting competing L1 coins like SOL and AVAX, LUNA is a good thing which promote money flows across chains and attract TVL to here.


I completely agree. Venus and BSC have the unique chance to position themselves as the only place where you can use defi using most of the popular L1 tokens:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • ADA
  • DOT
  • BNB

The additions of AVAX and SOL which already have BEP-20 versions (not sure about Luna) would bolster this a lot. I think Venus should capitalize on the opportunity, especially with Binance announcing new incentive programs. Once you’re in the system and able to trade everything, it’s kinda annoying to have to leave and segment things off to a ton of different chains. The ease of use of everything being under one chain and protocol can’t be talked up enough imo.