How to withdraw BUSD?

Hi, I still have some BUSD among supplied assets, but the pool is empty and I can’t withdraw them. How can I redeem my BUSD then?
Any help would be highly appreciated.

hi zanif, i’m having the same problem. do you know waht to do?

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I have the same issue. I had supplied BUSD which has been converted into vBUSD. which can now no longer be swapped or “withdrawn” as there is no liquidity. From chatting on the telegram group it looks like the are going to add liquidity, they did add liquidity on the 19th Nov but it was used up by members. There will be another round but not sure when.
Any more info would be appreciated.

Hi, I learned about the 19th Nov BUSD shortfall repayment too late, sadly, since I wasn’t following the telegram group. I’d expect they publish an announcement on this forum as well for such important news, but I found no mention about it.
What’s the point of this community then, if events of critical importance like that one are not announced before time? Sounds hard to believe.