How to discuss my liquidation status?

As a long SXP holder, I’ve put my all SXP into Venus, and borrowed some BUSD. Just before I’ve realized that most of my SXPs have been liquidated. I’ve closely monitored Venus, and am 100% sure that the borrow limit didn’t exceed 100%. Is there any customer contact to get some help? Thanks!

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are you sure that didint happend in the btc drop bootom?

If you have been liquidated, you have exceeded your borrow limit. There is no way around it.

It’s possible that you exceeded for a few seconds only during a sudden drop and got liquidated at that time. Liquidators are very, very quick on the trigger.

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so there’s no way to discuss about this issue with Venus team? I saw the following tweet from Jose.


" We are also exploring ways to help those who have been liquidated on #Venus due to dramatic price changes. While nothing on this point is final, we are a community based project and we are actively looking on ways to help our communities where possible."

Do you have any idea w.r.t. what kind of help we can expect?


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