How can I become a liquidator?

I see the “Account Liquidator Beta” option but every time I try to liquidate it gives me a circle with a line through it over the liquidate button.

For the Liquidation button to be active the selected account health needs to be at 0 and you need to have some balance of the selected repay token in your wallet. The account health is the reverse of the used borrow limit. So for example an account with health 5 is the same as account with borrow limit at 95%.
Hope this helps.

Oh you cant liquidate an account that is 2.1? They have to be 0?
I am currently at 40 something for my personal account. Does that matter?

Yes, you can only liquidate an account if its above 100% borrow limit. In when account goes above 100% you will see a Shortfall label appear in the Account section. That’s when you know that account can be liquidated.

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Is competition for those tough? Are there bots that take them right away? I am wondering if I should even bother watching for these.

Thanks so much!

Yes there are… Got to be quicker than them :wink:

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Thanks everyone!!! I feel bad for considering this because I have been liquidated once before and very very close a second time but it was my fault. If someone is as stupid as I was for borrowing too much they deserve it just like I did.