Gas Fees went up to 0.4 BNB! -But why?

Hello everybody!

I used to pay low fees for every transaction which is why I chose Venus for borrowing in the first place. I supplied my ADA / BTC in order to get a loan in USDT.
I always paid a few cents for every transaction ever since.

Today I tried to add some ADA to my Supplies and was shocked by the gas fees the smart contract offered: 0.4 BNB!!! -I tried to manually lower them but the transaction failed.

I tried to supply XVS and the SC offered a normal fee.

Then I tried to repay a few of the USDT I borrowed and there it was again: 0.4 BNB gas fees!!!

I got questions:

  1. Did anybody else experience this?
  2. Does anybody know if this is temporary?
  3. What could have caused this?



Thank you for your reply, but the article doesn’t mention any facts which helped me understand how the gas fees where affected!

Can you please explain the context between the problems with LUNA and the high gas fees!?

Ok, since it’s a frequent question.
Due to LUNA Price Oracle issue, Venus is entirely paused. Any transaction on it would fail, related to Luna/UST or not.

Said, with Metamask, any blockchain interaction which would fail (Metamask simulates the action internally to know) is priced at ~0.46 BNB as a dissuasion. That’s what you observe.
May you accept the price, it would still fail, and you would pay normal fees.

Solution: wait for Venus to resume activity.

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Thanks a lot!

I think that point could have been made much clearer in the announcement!

It’s understood now!

Best Regards

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‘‘A new address was detected. Click here to add it to your address book.’’ is what I get in metamask at the top. They charge 0.47bnb and what I understand is that the coins I want to withdraw will go through my metamas account and go to another account. Metamas also announces ''we cannot verify this contract. Make sure you trust this address. It is not my address where they are going to send the coins.
‘‘Se detectó una dirección nueva. Haga clic aquí para agregarla a la libreta de direcciones.’’ es lo que me sale en metamask en la parte superior. cobran0,47bnb y lo que entiendo es que las monedas que quiero retirar pasaran por mi cuenta de metamas y se ira a otra cuenta. Metamas tambien anuncia ''we cannot verify this contract. Make sure you trust this address. No es mi direccion donde van enviar las monedas.

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y no se sabe cuándo se va a solucionar ese problema…¿dónde van comunicando los de Venus como está ésto?

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Me pasa lo mismo y los de la plataforma no dan un comunicado para que se quede más tranquilo los usuarios,es una falta de respeto a los que confiamos en la plataforma y la usamos constantemente