🗳️FBPay Proposal:Add a credit card purchase gas fee function to Venus

:ballot_box:Proposal to add Web3 payment function

:spiral_notepad:Add a Buy Crypto button to the Venus website to provide community users with the service of purchasing cryptocurrencies using credit cards. This allows community users to easily purchase any blockchain gas fee, such as BNB, MATIC, ETH, Sol, etc.

:zap:This service requires no registration or KYC, and you can use your credit card to buy mainstream cryptocurrencies in 21 seconds.

Advantages of FBPay:

  • No registration required
  • No KYC required
  • Extremely fast transaction in 21 seconds

Cost sharing:

  1. Venus can obtain 1% of the fee income from the transaction amount;
  2. Venus currency holders can enjoy a 10% discount on service fees;
  3. XVS can be integrated into FBPay to provide new users around the world.

About FBPay
FBPay is a Web3 financial technology company registered in Hong Kong(Certificate No:75348285).

We build payment infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. We accept exchanges between fiat and cryptocurrencies across almost all major payment methods, including debit and credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Stripe.

FBPay supports over 80 crypto and fiat currencies, is trusted by over 50 leading wallets, DeFi and Web3 projects, and serves millions of users around the world.

Official website: https://www.fbpay.cc/
API docs: Supported fiat currencies - fbpay


Let’s empower our community with seamless access to cryptocurrency purchases through FBPay’s cutting-edge Web3 payment functionality.

Seems cool, Does venus receive 1% of the full purchase amount or 1% from the transaction fees

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How it works without KYC?

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More choices are a good thing.

  1. Venus currency holders can enjoy a 10% discount on service fees;

Does this refer to $VAI?

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Thanks for the proposal. It is interesting to add a mechanism to buy crypto with credit card directly from Venus.

My comment:

  1. Venus can obtain 1% of the fee income from the transaction amount; ==> Is it 1% from your fee or from the total transaction?
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Looks good.
But how safe is it ? Since we’ll be inputting our credit card details.
Forgive me if it’s a silly question. Haha

How does it work without any form of registration or kyc?

Also, will it support all forms of credit cards (i.e american express card, mastercard, Visa, etc.?

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Venus receive 1% of the full purchase


According to relevant international laws, small-amount transactions do not require KYC. We set the limit for a single transaction to be within 350 US dollars. Any amount exceeding this amount requires KYC.

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Yes, that’s true, $VAI will be supported and can be listed on FBPay!

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The total transaction!

As long as the user passes through Venus, regardless of whether the token purchased is $VAI or $BTC or other currencies, the income will be counted!

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We do not store any credit card information and payment is handled by the bank. According to relevant international laws, KYC is not required for a single transaction with an amount of less than 1,000 US dollars. We set the limit for transactions without KYC at 350 US dollars.

For support, we support mainstream payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.!

Thanks that’s really neat, I don’t know if there’s a demand for a feature like this but I don’t see how it could do us any harm so I’ll support it if it’s easy to integrate


Thanks for your feedback.

In addition, is it possible to customize the user interface of your web3 payment service? For example, if we want a direct integration of your service using Venus UI typescript components (front end) to get the same Venus UI style & colors?

Can we restrict a fiat method payment if needed?

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Thanks for clarifying.

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Thank you very much for your response! The integration is straightforward and can be completed in just 1 day. We will provide detailed API documentation to guide you on the integration process.

Your question is excellent! The UI can be customized to some extent, such as colors and styles. If you want more customization, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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