Dynamic is built on Venus

Hello Venus community! I’m Cameron from Dynamic :wave:

We provide non-custodial yield optimization software for next-generation savers.

We see traditional lending as high risk when compared to algorithmic interest protocols such as Venus. Handshake or signed agreements stand no chance in comparison to the efficiency of automated smart contracts. For that reason, my partner, Mickey Ngo, and I began building Dynamic 5-6 months ago. In that time, we completed our MVP, raised $35k from friends and family, and are now preparing for our official launch November 1st.

How it works
Dynamic pools yield from top money markets, consolidates it into a single token (DYNA), and distributes it accordingly. This approach offers investors time savings and an improved user experience as principal is split from yield and paid out in the form of a daily dividend.

Launch details
We’ll be opening our boosted vaults on ETH and BSC at the same time as DYNA (24 hours after our public sale is complete on November 1st, 2022). There is a total supply of 400k DYNA.

Our testnet is currently live: app.dynamic.fi. Just connect your preferred web3 wallet.
Customize your profile, test deposits, or try sending 0.1 testnet BNB to me (@cameron)

Thank you for the support and i’m happy to answer any questions.
In my next post, I’ll share thoughts about Venus cutting emissions.

Cameron Conrad, founder
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