DRAFT VIP-TBD Marketing & Business Development Budget


Move BUSD $650,000 from Venus Treasury to Venus Team Marketing & Business Development fund wallet.


External Marketing firm Proposal

MarketAcross.com is a leading service/solution provider and they’ve done marketing for 300+ blockchain products and services for brands such as Binance, Polkadot, Huobi, TRON, Polygon(Matic), Tezos, Crypto.com, eToro, Consensys, Bybit, Cardano, NEO, Qtum, and many more. We think retaining their services for the next 12 months would be quite beneficial to the Venus community. Here’s what they offer:

Monthly Deliverables by MarketAcross:

Public Relations & Content Marketing with Influencer Outreach

●YouTube influencers are huge in the crypto market. Gathering the highest quality influencers and creating partnerships should be included in Venus marketing strategy.

Messaging Development

● Messaging Brief, On-going Adjustments & strategy

Public Relations & Content Marketing

● At least 12 unique articles and media coverage per month

Social Amplifications

● 4 Promotions on any the following platforms:
Reddit/ Telegram AMAs/ Podcasts/ YouTube/ Quora.

Yearly Budget: $300,000 USD

Venus Community Engagement Budget

Community engagement is crucial for the success of Venus, investors like to be engaged.

Venus Angel’s program, bounty programs, airdrops, educational videos and animated user guides can really boost the community engagement, reduce fraudulent activities directed at our users and allow Venus to make meaningful connections and extend our user base exponentially.

Graphic Design and Advertisement

Advertising is an extremely important part of maintaining a successful protocol. With the right advertising methods, we can keep existing Venus users coming back and increase our new users base. We need strong graphic design to draw the average DeFi user in and make them want to use our platform. Here are 3 reasons why having strong graphic design will strengthen the effectiveness of Venus advertising methods.

1. Brand Recognition

We can’t let Venus just blend in with other competitors out there! We need to stand out in the market. With creative and appealing graphic design, Venus can do just that, while also building our brand image. Graphic design encompasses Venus as a whole and shows our target audience the high levels of professionalism and expertise that we entail.

2. Communication

Another reason why graphic design is essential to great advertising is how it communicates our message to potential users. Eye-catching graphics can bring our ideas to life and effectively display what we want our audience to know about Venus and what we are, what we offer.

3. Boost Business

Graphic design is a great return on investment. Quality designs display a clear message and inspire audiences to use Venus as their go-to platform for lending and borrowing services, thus increasing protocol usage and profits. It is a proven fact that killer graphic designs boost use and profits!

Note: The Venus Community engagement budget expenses will be publicly shared in weekly community updates. Any unused part of the budget (if any) will be returned to the Community Treasury after 12 months of the approval of this proposal.

Yearly Budget: $350,000 USD


Nice and quality work.
I can’t wait for this, a very important step for the future of Venus.

Thank you Danny for your incredible effort.


Nice good job bro :slight_smile: xvs vrt is my life ::::slight_smile:


This is a huge development for xvs. By this xvs and vrt will become its place in defi market.


Lo mejor que se ha pedido hacer ,
El màrqueting es lo que hacia falta ,
Propuesta 10
Mil votos


Es la mejor propuesta para Venus .
És importante el màrqueting!!!
Yo voto Si
Mil votos SI
És el mejor VIP

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Wow wow wow. This is huge news ! I am deffinitly supporting this proposal. Cong team!


Definitely a huge YES for me! I’m all in and in full support! Let’s take Venus to Venus (where its meant to be). Well done team for all your effort thus far!


amazing! gogogo marketing is the soul of business. and a lot of people still don’t use venus because they don’t understand how it works and how it is safe


this is really amazing. I support that. Venus’ communication and marketing will take us to another level and attract big investors.


Fully support , anything good for Venus is good for me, and we are lacking on the marketing side, thanks! XVS hodler.


Great initiative, a great way to succeed :clap:


Thanks for the hard work Danny! These are good plan to have Venus great again!


Danny and my teammate did a great job. Xvs will go a long way. We appreciate your work day and night as a community.


Danny ve takım arkadaşım harika bir iş çıkardı. Xvs uzun bir yol kat edecek. Toplum olarak gece gündüz çalışmanızı takdir ediyoruz.


We know very well how important marketing is for a project. This is a very huge step for the future of VENUS. Congratulations Danny ! We appreciate your hard work day and night !


Yes! here’s the expected news

this team is getting me more and more excited

thank you Danny and other mates💪

we will see good days
patience is always rewarded :raised_hands:


Very much needed in order to visualize and communicate the vision of Venus Protocol and its tokens.


This is a huge step to success!! The only thing i would say is, we can spend more on this


Thats amazing! I hope that Venus Protocol (XVS) will reach top of all of DEFI projects. Go on!!!