Does the team have a sense of time?

It’s been 8 months since May, we saw the anniversary, the Venus mission was done very badly, and the last vip51 vote has passed 5 days without results.

They always tweet about promising something but never getting it done, and they will say many reasons.

Is time free to squander in the eyes of the team?
Now the project is not good, you have to run faster than others to see the future


While I agree with what your saying.

I do have to ask do you have a sense of time?

Since we are in February it is technically 8-9 months.

But yes this protocol is a joke, they got a big payday and ran away from what I can tell.

Be careful. Venus just blocked my friend for asking about a timeline on twitter.

I had hope for this project. I bought at $140 and held. Now I just feel stupid and totally fucked.

Not the first time I’ve heard about them doing this.

Welcome to the world of investing even the greats get pimp slapped by the market!

Fat has just been banned!

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In fact they never keep their promises and are very very good at making excuses


But covid and war has made it very hard to use a keyboard. :person_facepalming:


So Im new to the discussion, but I’m an optimist. This was a Binance/BSC darling and had a mishap. Other protocols have had hacks and such and recovered. Bc they found a way to compensate those harmed financially. Alpha is a great example. They ran to $3 and got crushed after the hack. Now on the way back up, and a top gainer today. There is new leadership which means new opportunity to establish trust and take care of the Venus Army. It’s hard to be loyal with so much FUD. I was on the flipside, as I kept buying dips at $80, $60, $40, $20 and now $8. Those were conscious choices and risky, not their fault.

But for those of us who have held and not sold from $140 down to $8, that is crazy amazing loyalty that deserves more than a few XVS in a year. That’s like tipping a waiter $2 on a $300 nice dinner and expecting him to be thankful. The ratio is off. My optimism feels that Venus execs will do the right thing with a better apology. To make it right. And show other investors that they are safe if something happens. In defi trust is everything. Hard to build, easy to lose in a minute. Our blind loyalty deserves better.

Now yes I understand everyone is angry about 1 year for a solution. I was patient bc I expected something win win and innovative and revolutionary. XVS token match. Or a new token launched and airdrops to those of us affected, with a long term staking requirement. Which adds to high TVL for Venus moving forward. The previous management had opportunity but left… and the new leadership has an opportunity to rectify, make it right, and build trust and support in this community. Imagine if Venus could boast 75% of supply staked like the Cardano army. It’s not hard, doesn’t have to cost out of pocket, and could boost the XVS price.

And the x-factor not discussed, is that outside investors and analysts and advisors are watching to see what the resolution is. And how Venus took care of investors. Which would build their trust in referring. But if they see the update with a couple of bones thrown… why would they subject their credibility and reputation? Knowing that a 90% freefall could wipe out their community and lose their community following. Plus institutional investors looking for defi protocols to recommend to their clients. They want solid yield, but minimal risk. And knowing that risk is mitigated and the protocol takes responsibility for a tech glitch or hack or exposing a weakness, would help mitigate that risk. Venus execs should be thankful that this blindspot was exposed now… and not when the price reached $1000. But help us, help you. Help us restore trust in this “trustless” society of the future. Just like AXS just did. Their price dropped 5% while investors awaited win win solution. They got it, and AXS shot up 25% today