Do you think the Venus Dev are doing a good job? (Vote)

I have seen a lot of talk and discussions over the last couple of months, but are they doing a good job? Are they any different from the old team?

Are the Venus Dev’s doing a good job?
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Bad
  • Very Bad
  • All talk no action

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Only 5 votes so far!

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14 votes so far and over 2/3 of them are negative.

Closing the vote at the end of the week.

developer is working hard but very slow. we need to be more faster.

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There are changes every week and a weekly report is provided, which is commendable.
This is a better team than the old team
The problem now is price, which is the source of confidence

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I think that new team is working hard and the results will come in time. One should understand, that it is not so easy to jump in to the new enviroment. Everything needs time.

One thing in my opinion which is critical and not addressed so far is the VAI peg issue, this is crucial for trust in Venus as a whole.

The solution to re-peg Vai is coming

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I’ve seen if you trust it then buy up all the VAI you can at a 30% discount.

Buying VAI now looks like a good opportunity, but the question is how long it will take to re-peg. It will be frozen capital until then.

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If it takes less than a year you get over 30% ROI. 1 month approx 300% annualized.

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Poll is now closed all talk and no action is a clear winner. The market looks like it has also voted this way after briefly dipping on the false promise that minting of VAI would be paused.