Did venus team receive proposal from autofarm?

Sorry if this is not the right place, but AutoFarm has stated via twitter that they have been working with the venus team on a proposal for a compensation plan, but (from what I can find) nothing has come from venus team on this topic and would like to know if AutoFarm is not being as honest as they state.

Twitter post:

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Yes we did and a few adjustments are still being made on it due to the ongoing protocol changes and upgrades being done on Venus. It will take a few more weeks probably.


Nice! That’s so good to read. First of all, I wasn’t involved in any of the yield dramas so this one wont go for me personally, but: I think it will really help the entire BSC ecosystem if parties like this will start cooperating on such a level. Very mature of Venus to take this the way they do it.

yes pls and also autofarm bring back venus vaults

Yes, it’d be great to have this issue covered asap. I really liked how simple venus vaults were at Autofarm. This will definitely be a win-win situation for the whole BSC network.
Really looking forward for a positive outcome.

If Venus farms are in Autofarm vaults, it will help both parties dramatically.
Given the Autofarm exposure on Polygon, Venus could reach Audience in Polygon too.
It is good collaboration within BSC eco and move together to build an even stronger Binance Smart Chain.

The fund return don’t have to be 100%, but good enough to show good will will gain Venus reputation and free media exposure!! (A great positive one)

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I hope the cooperation will start quickly and users will receive compensation as soon as possible. Becouse not small my money had to burn

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Being top defi DAPP in BSC ecosystem, we hope to see more cooperation between Venus and Autofarm, It is a win-win situation for both Venus and auto farm, so why not to do the right thing.

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hope that the venus team will advance the progress of related matters, which is related to the image and credibility in the community.

Within 2days, people will jump on new lending protocol.
Xvs is still ranging and we cant afford to lose a userbase like Autofarm : even if it costs us a part of Venus treasury.

I went on their chan and people are wondering why we take more than 5 months to get the money back.


Someone has news, it’s been almost a year and no solution has been found.

Personally, I lost $ 7810 without counting the rise in BTC and ETH since I was positioned on 3 pools, namely BUSD / BCT / ETH …

I desperately try to contact autofarm but it throws the ball back at Venus.

Do you have any solutions ?

Thanks in advance,

Sympathise with your plight, but i think you still need to contact AUTOFARM, they take charge the fund of you, they made a strategy to farm which resulting in a loss, they must be responsible to solve.