Developer First Security Integration - Olympix <> Venus


Olympix is presenting to the Venus community a workflow integration opportunity with Venus to collaborate with the Venus development team for any future deployments through providing them with proactive productivity and security tooling.

About Olympix

Olympix is a developer-first web3 security company dedicated to building out tooling that provides builders with the best security tools early in development. Our mission is to empower developers to build their DeFi products with security as the top priority.


Olympix will work together with community contributors, the DAO and to onboard members onto our tooling and provide them with the necessary customer support during the onboarding and utilization process. This collaborative effort ensures that the teams receive comprehensive assistance and guidance in integrating Olympix’s tools into their development workflow.

Use Cases

  • Olympix Static Analyzer: The Olympix analyzer utilizes static analysis to assist developers in finding bugs earlier in their development lifecycle. By leveraging protocol knowledge, developers can immediately spot and detect potential security threats early, ensuring the integrity and security of their smart contracts.
  • Unit + Invariant Test Generator: The invariant and unit test generator increases productivity and test creation for developers. It allows developers to find more bugs while removing bias from testing, ensuring comprehensive coverage and robustness in their smart contract code.

Benefits of Partnership

Partnering with Olympix introduces an extra layer of security in internal testing for Venus developers. By leveraging Olympix’s tools, developers can enhance their testing processes, ensuring thorough security assessments during the development lifecycle. This partnership empowers developers to prioritize security and strengthen the integrity of their smart contracts. This also allows for more thorough criticism of the protocol contracts later on as most low hanging fruit has already been mitigated.

Feedback Mechanism

The Olympix team will maintain a point of contact with Venus, ensuring ongoing communication and support. Through this collaboration developers will have a direct channel to provide any and all necessary feedback on Olympix’s tools. This feedback loop enables continuous improvement and refinement of the tools to enhance their development experience and adoption.

Next Steps

As there may be questions regarding the capabilities and usage of our tooling, we would like to extend an invitation for discussion. This forum will provide an opportunity for Venus developers to ask questions, seek clarification, and explore the potential benefits of partnering with Olympix. We welcome all inquiries and look forward to engaging in productive discussions to address anything that comes up.

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Security is the primary consideration of the team and the protocol, I believe the team will respond soon

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