Deploy Venus Protocol on opBNB



I propose the deployment of the Venus Protocol on opBNB. There is a unique window of opportunity for Venus to become the leading money market on opBNB, a new high-performance layer-2 solution within the BNB ecosystem, built using the OP Stack.


opBNB is a new high-performance layer-2 solution within the BNB ecosystem, built using the OP Stack. Leveraging its block size of 100M, opBNB’s gas fees remain stable and low cost, making it a great solution for widespread adoption. From gaming and DeFi, opBNB caters to a diverse set of needs while delivering optimal performance.


1. First mover advantage: Venus has a unique opportunity to become the leading money market whilst opBNB is still small. Large money markets have their eyes on the BNB ecosystem so it is best to deploy sooner rather than later.

2. Gateway to Binance’s users: Binance has recently deepened its integrations with opBNB in order to help onboard more users onto the chain. As market sentiment continues to improve, opBNB will likely emerge as one fo the most attractive L-2 solutions for mass retail.

3. Improved defensibility: 2023 saw more competition among chains through the proliferation of L-2s. There is a higher bar for scalability and cost. Venus has the opportunity to strengthen its edge by meeting users on this expectation.

4. Grow TVL: opBNB is growing in momentum (thanks in part to a new TVL incentive campaign and growing incentives from PancakeSwap). It is only a matter of time until lend/borrow activity kicks off.

5. Strong roadmap at opBNB: opBNB has published its ambitions for the ecosystem in its community-driven wishlist. These product innovations will likely drive more activity on the chain and ultimately flow to a native Venus on opBNB.


Based on current governance activity, the opBNB community is prioritising the following:

1. High Performance
a) 200M gas limit per block
b) Increased capacity from 100M/second to 200M/second to become the highest capacity of L2s. The high capacity of opBNB will allow it to support on-chain games and high frequency DeFi with TPS 10,000

2. Affordability - 10x Cheaper
a) Design the Data Availability layer of the opBNB on the BNB Smart Chain based on EIP4844 and BNB Greenfield in order to help reduce the transaction cost 10x times than current level

3. Security and Scalability
a) Embrace the Multiple Proof in OP Stack solution to provide a more flexible, secure proof for Optimistic Rollups
b) Multiple node types (Archive node / Full node / Fast node)

Other priorities for the Core Chain

  • Bridging L2 Networks for Seamless Cross-Chain Activity 7
  • opBNB Data Availability Layer on Greenfield 1
  • Empowering opBNB with Advanced Analytics Support
  • Accelerating opBNB Node Synchronization
  • Long Term Archive Service Support
  • Fair MEV Infrastructure Enhancement

opBNB dApp priorities

  • ZK-based Data exchange
  • opBNB On-chain Identity
  • opBNB On-chain Games
  • Decentralized Social Network
  • Perp Dex
  • Stablecoin Payments


Subject to community feedback, I propose:

  1. Conduct the necessary audits for opBNB to ensure security and reliability
  2. Collaborate closely with the opBNB development team to optimize integration and UX
  3. Launch a dedicated marketing campaign to strengthen brand equity and onboard more users
  4. Deepen wallet integrations for Venus on opBNB to drive user acquisition efforts


opBNB is part of a wave of new L-2s lowering the barriers to access DeFi with more scalable / low-cost infra. Supporting opBNB is a strategic move that aligns with our commitment to bring community-driven finance to the world.


opBNB docs: Getting Started | BNB Optimistic Rollup


Oki lets do it asap. Opbnb is a good layer2


Excelente propuesta que abre una nueva oportunidad para el protocolo Venus de expandirse y ser más competitivo otorgando beneficios a los usuarios en cuanto a bajos costos, rapidez de red y seguridad.

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Excellent proposal, I loved it; this will greatly contribute to improving the user experience by having low transaction costs, and especially because the network is super fast.

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great this proposal :blush::wink:

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Venus is ready to deploy opBNB. Very good proposal. Let’s do it asap!

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We have to do it as fast as possible. Then should go for other chains. Have we considered solana?

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Let’s do it as soon as possible! It’s definitely good idea to deploy Venus to opBNB!

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Venus protocol need to broaden more chain, support #opbnb

I’m glad that the snapshot for which I voted “for” has already been launched.
which means that very soon a full-fledged VIP will appear, which will expand the possibilities for every Venus user :wink:

come on! I couldn’t wait!!
Venus need to deploy on opBNB

Yeah, Solana is also good to consider. It’ll definitely increase the number of Venus app users because Solana is gaining a lot of traction lately.

Maybe I’m wrong though but, aren’t there a lot of ‘security breeches’ on Solana?

Chaos Labs Recommendations for opBNB Deployment


Chaos Labs has completed a comprehensive analysis to provide initial recommendations for the launch parameters for the Venus deployment on opBNB. These recommendations are aimed at ensuring a safe and efficient launch and are the basis for future optimization post-launch and after observing usage on the new deployment.

The initial assets recommended for the launch are WBNB, ETH, BTCB, USDT, and fdUSD.


Collateral Factor and Liquidation Threshold

  • For CFs and LTs, we recommend starting with conservative parameters, comparing the same assets on the BNB deployment, and increasing them as we monitor usage and risk post-launch.

Supply and Borrow Caps

  • Given the low liquidity, we recommend launching with a conservative supply cap equal to up to 2X the DEX liquidity available under a 10% price impact.

IR Curves

  • Recommendations derived from observed historical rates on Venus and competing protocols.
  • Targeting a 6% Borrow rate for stables at the optimal utilization point (kink).

Additional Parameters

  • Close Factor - 50%
  • Liquidation Incentive - 10%
  • minLiquidatableCollateral 100 USD

Liquidity Analysis

PancakeSwap, 02/13/2024

Thena, 02/13/2024

When assessing the on-chain liquidity of an asset, we look at the amount that can be sold under a targeted price impact. The main DEXs on opBNB are currently PancakeSwap and Thena.

Data snapshot taken on February 13th, 2023

Asset Token Address Circulating Supply Token 10% Price Impact
BTCB 0x7c6b91D9Be155A6Db01f749217d76fF02A7227F2 9.2 ($456,500) 0.25 (THENA)
ETH 0xe7798f023fc62146e8aa1b36da45fb70855a77ea 663.4 ($1,749,000) 8 (PancakeSwap) 5 (THENA)
USDT 0x9e5aac1ba1a2e6aed6b32689dfcf62a509ca96f3 39,228,769 20,000 (PancakeSwap) 30,000 (THENA)
FDUSD 0x50c5725949A6F0c72E6C4a641F24049A917DB0Cb 1,089,424 10,000 (PancakeSwap) 40,000 (THENA)
WBNB 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000006 2,862 ($930,000) 50 (PancakeSwap) 30 (THENA)

Parameter Recommendations:

Collateral Factor 70% 70% 60% 75% 75%
Liquidation Threshold 75% 75% 65% 77% 77%
Supply Cap 0.5 25 150 100,000 100,000
Borrow Cap 0.3 16 100 90,000 90,000
Kink 45% 45% 60% 80% 80%
Base 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Multiplier 9% 9% 15% 7.5% 7.5%
Jump Multiplier 300% 300% 300% 250% 250%
Reserve Factor 20% 20% 25% 10% 10%

Finally, we are going to have it.