Create Proposal

For now only those with 300k XVS can create proposal, so only those holding USD 21 millions worth of XVS can do it. We should evaluate it again.

Those who borrowed a tons of XVS, and getting 233% APY for borrowing it, keep earning free XVS, and gain a lot of voting power. They will be able to create any proposal, and pass it themselves.


I can’t agree more. We should lower the threshold for creating proposals thus more XVS holders can join governance.
And I also agree that reward for borrow XVS should be cut down to zero.

can’t agree more. Set Distribution APY to 0.

Agree. Currently governance is a joke and still centralized in the hand of the developer.

Don’t let the whale shake you out. He wants your tokens.

Needing to have 300K XVS is not all good. Don´t get me wrong but, having a low threshold, might create some governance constrains. First, we risk propose risky or non beneficial that are then up for grabs on voting from malicious actors and furthermore, we need to find developers to implement such ideas.

As an alternative, I think it would be more important to implement vXVS voting power. That way even though the very few might have the 300K XVS, through community discussion we could then gather together and delegate votes to whomever needs it to create it (including coding). Furthermore, it will guarantee the need for true community involvement. This has been discussed… but as usual we keep being ghosted by Swipe team… while they keep implementing ideas they wish to have in place… while filling in their pockets