Content marketing services proposal for Venus by Hackwriter


Venus has a large underused potential for organic traffic and overall inbound marketing. The team proposed to create a long-term content marketing strategy that will include a thorough SEO analysis, content plan creation, content guidelines, and a high-quality content creation engine that will support Venus’s user growth.

The deliverables

  1. SEO research. The goal is to analyze the scope of user searches on Google and Bing to build a list of keywords and estimate potential traffic from the blog articles that would cover those keywords.

  2. The content plan. Keyword research will be transformed into a list of blogs for inbound marketing. The scope of the blog topics won’t be limited to just SEO-driven keywords (for instance, “how do I stake crypto?” or “what is yield farming?”) but include blogs covering:

  3. Executive branding. Series of articles and executive interviews covering the platform’s history, key decisions, and industry trends.

  4. Privacy, security, and trust. The idea is to address the most common community concerns regarding the security and privacy of users’ investments.

  5. Success stories. Investors are always looking for examples of the success of other people like themselves. We will provide those based on interviews with existing clients.

  6. Best practices and strategies. These are pieces of advice on behalf of leading project strategists for developing reasonable investment strategies and using crypto to generate income.

  7. Isolated Lending Marketing content. Educational content focused on the upcoming product releases.

Price: $7,000 one-time payment

The goals

The goals of the strategy are as follows:

  • Drive quality inbound traffic to the project’s websites and ecosystem
  • Provide easy onboarding into this ecosystem for the new customers and partners
  • Grow the community
  • Engage the community
  • Improve branding
  • Build trust

The execution

After the content strategy and plan were developed, Hackwriter begins producing monthly content that includes:

  • 8 monthly SEO pieces based on the long-term content plan
  • 2 success stories with a customer of your choice
  • 2 security pieces
  • 2 strategy pieces
  • 4 articles on Isolated Lending or any other upcoming product features

18 blogs in total. All are delivered in the last week of the month and can be published in the course of the month following the delivery.

Price: $6,200 on the monthly basis


We are a content marketing agency that specializes in creating content strategy and execution for tech companies in Web 3 and AI. Our team consists of professional writers and editors with at least 6+ years of experience in creating engaging content on technical topics. Venus content marketing services proposal


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I believe based on my past history and experience with this company they would do 2x as good of a job for 1/3rd the price.

Ash Aryal is from Australia and as standup a guy. His company is one of the best in the world at SEO.

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The sister company.

Excelente propuesta hay mucha información que analizar pero me encanta la idea

Great. Waiting for cooperation!